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Privacy Policy

Implemented at PANEK JSC, headquartered in 59-300 Lublin, 11 Ścinawskiej St., registered in the National Court Register, kept by the District Court of Fabryczna, Wroclaw, IX Economic Department, under the number 000324104, VATIN:6922461623, with a share capital of 1000000.00PLN, fully paid.
Privacy Policy
We highly appreciate your confidence in PANEK JSC, which you have expressed by making an on-line reservation. Therefore, we will protect all your personal data (including your credit card data) with due care.
Gathering Information
At the moment of making the reservation, you will be asked to fill in the on-line form, in which you will need to enter your name, your address, your (private or business) e-mail address, your (mobile, home, business) phone number, credit card details (type and number of the card, CVC number, date of expiry, owner's name), as well as - where it's possible - your preferences regarding the reservation. This information is necessary to begin, execute and close your reservation process (including sending you a confirmation for the reservation to your email box).
Personal Data Disclosure
Due to the services we provide, we collect the following data:
Making reservations: in no case shall we sell your data to third parties. The reservation is obligatory if you wish to rent one of our cars. The data gathered during the reservation will only be used to enable you to make use of it or for payment purposes. In such case, your data may be revealed to a company dealing with money transfers. The data collected automatically, can be used for analysis of our clients' behavior on our website, gathering demographic information on our users, or to personalize the content of our website. This data is collected automatically from every user. The information obtained during correspondence between you and our service will only be used for the purpose of answering your questions. In case of the inspection of the General Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection, your data may be revealed to the Inspectorate representatives, in accordance with the act on personal data protection. In case of violation of the Rules of our website, violation of the law or should legal regulations require it, your personal data may be revealed to judicial authorities. 
Viewer's registration and cookie files: In order to improve our services and products, we use cookie files (temporary and permanent), which allows us to track the activity related to browsing our website as well as monitor the number of visitors and the number of visitors. Cookie files are text files, temporarily or permanently stored on our server's hard drive. Cookie files are used for determining authenticity, session tracking and storing data regarding our website's users, such as their preferences. Moreover, your IP, as well as the type of your browser and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) are also registered in case of fraud, misuse or a police investigation. Please remember that PANEK JSC, in accordance with the European regulations regarding personal data protection, observes the strict security rules in order to prevent misuse of or unauthorized access to personal data
Log files: In order to perform marketing analyses and improve the quality, we collect various kinds of anonymous information regarding the total number of transactions, outside references, type of platform, time signature as well as the number and location of the clicks at our website. Please remember that we recourse to third parties from time to time, in order to collect, monitor and report this anonymous information.
Protection and security of credit card details
In order to protect and secure personal data sent to us we have implemented and make use of appropriate procedures and business systems. For instance, your credit card details are sent to us via a secure data encrypting protocol, which encrypts all your personal data as well as your credit card details. We use a standard encrypting method, implementing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Our SSL certificate was issued by Unizeto Technologies S.A.  Moreover, we use safety procedures as well as technical and physical restrictions on access and the use of personal data. Access to personal data is given only to authorized personnel, who need it to provide our services.
Our server and our net are protected against unauthorized access by firewalls. We also have intrusion detection and prevention systems, which monitor and detect unauthorized attempts at entering or misuse of the system.
Your credit card details will be stored for no longer than 30 days from the moment of making the reservation. After this period, your credit card details will be erased from our system.
Data Control
You can view your personal data, stored in our system, at any time. Requests can be sent to our email address:

. Please enter "Request for personal data verification" in the topic.
If your personal data is incorrect, we can amend it at your request. You can also ask PANEK JSC to erase your data, by sending us an email containing the appropriate request, to the address given above.
When does PANEK JSC send you emails?
After making the reservation, you will receive a confirmation. You can take it with you to PANEK JSC as a proof of making the reservation.
We are entitled to change the way of collecting, transferring and processing personal data and other necessary information, at any time. Therefore, the above statement of personal data protection may be changed from time to time, as an adjustment to the latest changes.

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