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It was established in 2000 in Lubin in Lower Silesia as a local car rental agency. The company was founded and is still being developed and managed by Maciej Panek, who, thanks to his determination and appropriately selected strategy, has transformed a small, provincial company into a nationwide leader in the car mobility industry, offering a comprehensive rental service for minutes, days, months and years.

The last years of PANEK S.A.’s activity include breakthrough activities, among which the international expansion of the traditional car rental service should be distinguished. As a result, cars with the PANEK logo can be rented in 3 biggest Lithuanian cities – Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda and in the Czech capital Prague.

The second significant breakthrough was PANEK S.A.’s involvement in the rapidly growing global carsharing service, which after less than three years brought the company the status of the largest “cars per minute” service provider in Central Europe, and a fleet of over 2,500 shared cars allowed the service to be made available in all cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants in Poland, combining it in fact anew with a modern unmanned car rental service.

For many years, PANEK S.A. has also been involved in ecological activities, as evidenced by the regularly refreshed fleet of vehicles in the traditional rental service, consisting exclusively of cars meeting the latest EURO6 emission standard, and the carsharing service is focused mainly on low-emission hybrid cars as well as the constantly increasing share of fully electric cars.

The company’s latest project is a PANEK for company service combining traditional fleet rental for companies with a modern, maintenance-free and flexible carsharing service that allows you to look at the management of your company’s fleet from a completely different perspective.

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