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Long-term rental in PANEK Rent a Car One solution – many benefits

PANEK Rent a Car – a Polish company operating on the Polish car rental market for over 21 years, offers customers a unique solution, which is long-term rental of a car of any class or fleet of vehicles. Our offer is addressed to all people who need means of transport in the long term, both entrepreneurs and private clients. Long-term rental at PANEK Rent a Car is the most comprehensive and flexible service on the Polish market. When renting a car or a fleet of vehicles, the customer receives access to the Full Service offer, which includes all costs related to the use of the car, that is:

  • Renting a car, Periodic inspections Insurance,
  • 24h Assistance service,
  • A replacement car in the event of a breakdown or collision,
  • Possibility to exchange the car for another one during the term of the contract

The long-term rental invoice at PANEK Rent a Car does not reduce the customer’s creditworthiness in any way, moreover, during the term of the contract, it is possible to replace the vehicle with a different model, better suited to the customer’s current needs.

Advantages of long-term rental at PANEK Rent a Car:

  • Flexible offer tailored to the client,
  • Zero customer’s own contribution,
  • A wide fleet of available cars of various classes,
  • Fixed monthly costs,
  • Dedicated caregiver who perfectly knows the needs of a business partner

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