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PANEK For Companies – one invoice, all cars 

The “PANEK for Business” service is a unique offer, thanks to which the customer gains access to a fleet of over 2,500 vehicles in many locations throughout Poland. No matter where your employees are currently located and what task they have to perform, PANEK offers a tool thanks to which modern business has a chance to reach a higher level. 

Do you dream about the most effective use of the company’s fleet? 

With PANEK Rent a Car you can optimize the costs of your business using the car whenever you want and for as long as you want. The Offer for Companies in PANEK Rent a Car is a unique solution on the market, thanks to which the customer is not “tied” to one or several vehicles throughout the duration of a long leasing contract. Thanks to an attractive framework cooperation agreement, a PANEK business partner gets access to a fleet of over 2,500 vehicles, which it uses exactly when it is needed. 

Do you need a larger vehicle for tomorrow? 

PANEK Rent a Car cars are a diverse fleet consisting of vehicles of various classes and for various purposes. Under the contract, PANEK’s business partner may freely exchange cars, adjusting the fleet of vehicles to the needs. Whenever a car is needed for a dealer or one of the cars in the company is immobilized, the PANEK Rent a Car fleet is at your fingertips. 

Do you need a vehicle for a trader? Want to drive a trendy SUV to a meeting? Or maybe you are looking for a delivery vehicle for the holiday period? Check the Offer for PANEK Rent a Car Companies and rent it as you like. 

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