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Audi A6 – technology

The Audi motto, which has also been the brand’s philosophy for years, is: “forsprung durch technik”, or “advantage through technology”. Without going into details, the goal is to make the driver and passengers feel like they are wrapped in a shawl woven from the latest assistance systems and digital IT solutions. What is inside the newest Audi A6, which is available at PANEK Rent a Car? You can read about it below. 

Advantage thanks to the interior 

How we perceive the car largely depends on how we feel in its cockpit. The interior of the new A6 has a “black panel” design, a cool appearance that expresses the technical and digital character of the new Ingolstadt saloon. The center console in the new Audi A6 is oriented towards the driver, and the upper MMI touch response display also points to the left. The perfectly black screen of the turned off display blends almost imperceptibly with the aluminum frame. The display is turned on when the door is opened, so to say that it is immediately ready to work. The MMI touch response system of the new Audi A6 continues to set new standards in terms of intuitive operation and personalization, even four years after its premiere. The fully digital operating system allows you to place the main functions of the vehicle in the selected place on the monitor. All you need to do is hold down and move the selected icon – just like on smartphone screens, and the shortcuts and “favorite” buttons are an ideal base for configuring individual, comfortable preferences. The system also allows you to save settings for up to seven drivers, and you can personalize up to 400 parameters. Thanks to a logical and flat menu structure, the system allows quick access to all vehicle functions. You cannot forget about the possibility of issuing voice commands, which not only makes the trip more pleasant, but also effectively affects driving safety.

Advantage thanks to the drive 

Compared to its predecessor, the new Audi A6 has significantly improved in terms of sportiness, especially thanks to innovative suspension solutions. The sportier nature of the steering system in the C8 generation has become even more direct, and its progressive operation allows for certain control at all speeds. The new Audi A6 is very manoeuvrable in the city, agile on off-road roads and comfortable on motorways. This agility and maneuverability of Audi is largely due to the dynamic all-wheel steering. Depending on the speed of the vehicle, the steering ratio is between 9.5: 1 and 16.5: 1. This is the effect of the wave gear on the front axle. On the rear axle, the spindle drive turns the wheels a maximum of five degrees. At lower speeds, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels, further increasing the agility of the Audi A6, while reducing the turning radius by up to 1.1 m. At high speeds, the rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front wheels. which improves stability when driving straight ahead and when changing lanes.

Advantage through systems 

Up to 39 driver assistance systems are available in the new Audi A6. The car is therefore an ideal choice for frequent drivers and fleet customers. The driver assistance systems with improved control mechanisms provide the highest level of comfort and additionally take the strain off the driver. The systems include, among others, adaptive cruise assist, which in addition to the cruise control with automatic distance control between adaptive cruise control and predictive performance assistant, it also offers a driving assistant through work areas, thus aiding driving in a narrowing of the road. The Adaptive Driving Assistant also includes the traffic jam assistant and Audi active lane assist to help you stay on track by gently intervening in the steering when needed. The system that stops the vehicle in an emergency and makes an emergency call also ensures greater safety. These and other functions are brought together in three packages: the Parking Assistance Package, the Urban Driving Assistance Package and the Outland Driving Assistance Package. The package of driver assistance systems in city traffic includes, among others the new intersection assistant. The Audi A6 features the standard Audi pre sense front system, which helps to prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. One of the most important systems is also the Adaptive Driving Assistant, the perfect extension of which is the Driving Efficiency Assistant. The assistant predictably slows down and accelerates the car using data obtained from the Car-to-X network, sensors, navigation and road signs. It is worth noting that the navigation, in addition to the exact road network, also contains information about elevation differences. All this to make the most efficient use of the engine and drive system of the German limousine. Do you already know where you will take our Audi A6 from PANEK Rent a Car?