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BMW 118i – 3 cylinders not so scary

For several years, car manufacturers have been accused of being caught in the trap of downsizing and instead of “normal” engines they pack tiny aggregates under the hoods of their models, which until recently only powered lawn mowers. However, this action is not the result of avarice or excessive savings of chief accountants in large corporations, saying: “let’s cut one cylinder and save on material”, but an attempt to comply with the increasingly stringent European Union regulations on CO2 emissions. 

Like everyone else, BMW has constructed an engine for the new times, which is to meet the stringent standards imposed by decision-makers in Brussels. In the range of smaller BMW and MINI models, a three-cylinder 1.5-liter engine appeared, which also went under the hood of our car of the month, the BMW 118i. What is this structure? In short, it could be written that it is half of the iconic, inline, 3-liter, 6-cylinder engine so much loved by all fans of the brand with a spinning propeller in the logo. You could say so, were it not for the fact that this 3-cylinder is an extremely sophisticated design, which not only ensures the lowest possible emission of harmful substances to the environment, but also reflects the sporty spirit of BMW, which is why they are as important as CO2 in in this case, performance.

Power? 136 HP at 4,500 Torque? 220 Nm in the range of 1500 – 4100 rpm. In addition, the design includes: lightweight aluminum engine block, aluminum cylinder head, variable valve timing (double Vanos), twin scroll turbocharger and direct fuel injection. This is only part of the construction candy that the constructors feed us. For the user, dynamics in everyday use is important, and this is at a surprisingly high level. The engine is eager to screw in, and the torque on the wheels appears just after exceeding the idle speed, so the car eagerly accelerates from the very beginning.

However, the engine is not everything to ensure the right dynamics. BMW 118i available from PANEK Rent a Car is equipped with a sensational, dual-clutch, 7-speed transmission, which changes successive gear ratios in a fraction of a second and it does not matter whether the next gear is shoved up or reduced to one. The secret lies in the design of the gearbox itself, in which, at the same time as the gear is engaged, two (one up and one down) are ready for action. To illustrate how the dual clutch gearbox works, let’s take an example: Suppose we are in 4th gear. At this point, the gearbox has 5 gears and 3 gears ready. When the 5th gear is engaged, the gearbox is immediately ready for gears 4 and 6. All in order to quickly respond to the driver’s commands. This, in short, is the legendary BMW driving pleasure.

The main goal when designing the new B38B15M1 engine was, of course, its economy and the designers did a great job, because in the city gasoline consumption should not exceed 6.5 l / 100 km, and on the road the computer is able to display results oscillating around 5 l / 100 km! Of course, it all depends on the temperament of the driver, but the undeniable fact is that the BMW 118i does not have to be asked too much to accelerate efficiently, and the low fuel consumption is an addtional bonus.

And one more thing: The comfortable and dynamic BMW 118i from PANEK Rent a Car is recommended for autumn trips outside the city.