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Class C+ Combi from PLN 75/day!

Compact cars are still one of the most popular models among customers. They are versatile, because they are spacious enough to go on a weekend getaway and handy enough to prove themselves in a crowded city. It is also an excellent choice as a company car. In the PANEK Rent a Car rental you will find modern and well-equipped models in promotion. Class C+ Combi from PLN 75 net per day.

The C+ Class Combi for the tourist

The popularity of the C+ Class Estate among tourists should come as no surprise. Cars in this class are characterized by an attractive rental price, and additionally offer a lot of space for passengers and luggage. Popular station wagons also have economical petrol engines that consume small amounts of fuel, and this is a serious argument when choosing a car for a holiday trip.

The C+ Estate for business

The long-term rental service offered by PANEK rental has gained in importance in recent months. Therefore, leasing has become an option that is too long and not comprehensive enough, while long-term rental offered by CFM companies and dealers, although interesting due to the completeness of the offer, also turns out to be less attractive, and the amount of the installments depend on many factors, such as impairment vehicle during the term of the contract, annual mileage, or the amount of own payment being a percentage of the initial value of the car.  The main advantage of PANEK Rent a Car is offering customers car rental services that are physically owned by the operator. At the moment, when the whole world is struggling with the crisis on the semiconductor market, and more car manufacturers are limiting or completely stopping production, PANEK is able to provide immediate access to the service. Several thousand cars are available in the “on demand” mode, and the simplified rental procedure means that the company is able to provide vehicles to its customers practically overnight.

C+ Estate with Full Service option

The advantage, especially in comparison with leasing, is also the fact that long-term rental at PANEK Rent a Car is a comprehensive service that includes all benefits. Under the contract, the customer receives not only a car, but also insurance, assistance, service and periodic inspections, and in the event of a road accident, the company provides the customer with continuous mobility by providing a courtesy car at the collision site.