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The Ford KUGA, which has just joined the PANEK Rent a Car fleet, is the third generation of the popular model. Compared to the two previous generations, the silhouette of the body is significantly slimmer and slimmer. Mostly due to the sloping roof and the tailgate at a lower angle. The proportions of the body itself have also been changed. The new Kuga is 9 cm longer than its predecessor, 2 cm wider, and also 2 cm lower. The car is placed on large 19-inch wheels that tightly fill the wheel arches.

Well-thought-out interior  After opening the driver’s door, you can see how well-thought-out the new KUGA is. Designers even thought of such details as longer door leaf sheathing that tightly covers the thresholds. This treatment is not new, but not all manufacturers use it, which is a pity, because thanks to it, your trousers will always remain clean when you get out of the car.  The architecture of the cabin itself deserves recognition. The dashboard plastics are soft, and all buttons and knobs are close at hand. The designers left the physical air conditioning panel and the audio system control knobs, making the operation extremely easy, intuitive and, most importantly, not absorbing the driver’s attention.  There is space in the center console for two decent cups, so if a nice voice in the Drive Thru restaurant speaker asks you if the set should be enlarged, you can answer yes without hesitation. The luggage compartment is also roomy and easy to fill thanks to good access and an even floor. The designers abandoned the classic shelf or roller blind in favor of a light, openwork curtain attached to the trunk lid. After closing it, the curtain adjusts itself to the shapes of our luggage, and at the same time protects against prying eyes of passers-by.  The cars available at PANEK Rent a Car are richly equipped Titanium and ST-Line versions.

Modern and economical  Ford has got us used to the fact that it designs the most sporty driving systems, and not only in its league. The Fiesta ST is unmatched among the city’s Hot Hatch, the Focus is considered the best-handling hatchback, and the Mondeo and the S-Max based on it are models in the family car category. So, since we have a secular tradition here, it has to be no different in the case of the new KUGI, which almost hypnotizes with the precision of the steering system. The suspension is pleasantly springy, and the wheels never lose contact with the road. In high-speed curves, the car drives just like a passenger car, and if we get carried away a bit by fantasy and take a tight corner too nonchalantly, KUGA will only threaten the driver with a finger … It’s amazing that not so small, and certainly not a light SUV behaves on the road like a city cutter.  The cars that supplied the fleet of PANEK Rent a Car vehicles were equipped with 1.5 Eco Boost gasoline turbocharged engines with a capacity of 150 HP. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this engine has “only” 3 cylinders. It is a very modern and battle-tested power unit, characterized by a high torque of 240 Nm available in the range of 1600 – 4000 rpm. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in less than 10 seconds, but its biggest advantage islow fuel consumption. The engine works with a precise, 6-speed manual gearbox.  Ford once again showed that it feels very comfortable in constructing cars for the driver. The dynamics and pleasure of driving a family SUV enters areas previously reserved only for hatchbacks, and those with a sporty flair. Comfortable, well-holding armchairs and nice interior ergonomics also place Kuga at the very top of its class.