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Get ready for your trip

Holidays are the time we want to spend the best. For many people, the road to holidays destination becomes an unwanted challenge, and after all, the vacation begins when we start packing the car. In order for the road to run smoothly and painlessly, it is worth equipping yourself with a few gadgets that will make your trip more pleasant and make it more relaxing and safe.

Polarized sunglasses

There is probably no more important sense in driving than sight. The eyes are the first to spot danger on the road and thanks to them our brain will trigger a reaction to the threat. Unfortunately, while driving, your eyes are constantly exposed to various stimuli, such as: sun, sudden changes in lighting, reflections from the dashboard and beautiful, shiny elements of the cockpit. Even the blast of air from the air conditioning is not without significance for our eyesight. Dry air can fatigue the driver even after an hour’s drive! So it is important to always have sunglasses in the car, but not so ordinary, but equipped with a good UV filter and polarization. There is no need to write about the advantages of the filter, but not every driver is aware of how much you can calm your eyes with polarized glasses. What is this polarization? Without going into technical details, the lenses cut out a part of the light beam, so that the eyes do not get into the light reflected from the dashboard and the glow visible on the windshield. Interestingly, polarized glasses help not only when driving on a sunny day, but also in the rain, improving visibility.

Charger, adapters, phone holder

During a long journey, a phone holder and charger or a USB charging cable should not be missing in the car. Many cars offered by PANEK Rent a Car are equipped with special inductive chargers, but still few smartphone manufacturers offer wireless charging in their models. In addition, the charging shelves are most often located in the lower parts of the console or even in the armrests, which effectively makes it difficult or even impossible to use, for example, navigation.

Most modern cars and practically all new ones in PANEK Rent a Car are equipped with Android Auto and CarPlay systems, allowing you to transfer the phone screen to the car’s multimedia display, but in practice it can be different. Therefore, it is worth equipping yourself with a solid phone holder mounted on a suction cup on the windshield, or with a ventilation grille. When choosing a place on the glass, remember that the phone should not restrict visibility. The air vent seems to be a better place, because the phone does not obstruct the view of the road, and is additionally cooled with air from the air conditioning, which has a positive effect on its performance.

Before the trip, it is also worth checking what USB sockets are in the car you are going on vacation. Many manufacturers, it is not known why, have introduced a new USB-C format to their models, which makes it impossible to connect a standard charger cable without an appropriate adapter. The seemingly prosaic problem becomes a catastrophe, especially when children  with smartphones, tablets and headphones travel with us in the back seat.

Water, wet wipes, eye drops

Water is the basis of life on Earth, and we will not reveal a secret saying that it is also the basic “gadget” in any journey. Drinking water while driving has a positive effect on the driver’s concentration and protects against dehydration, which can be particularly dangerous. An organism that is deficient in even a few percent of water cannot concentrate on a simple activity. There are headaches, distraction, and in extreme cases, vision problems, fever and fainting. Thick blood is not able to oxygenate the body sufficiently, and it is easier to overheat. You will say that air conditioning has been a standard for at least 10 years. Everything is correct, but the air coming out of the vents is cold and dry, which adversely affects the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes. So it is worth equipping yourself not only with a bottle of water, but also with wet wipes, for washing hands and face, and with moisturizing eye drops or simply saline.

The most important thing is good mood

However, it should be remembered that if we did not equip ourselves with technological achievements, the most important thing is the well-being while driving. Let’s get into the car refreshed and relaxed, because we are going on vacation, we will spend a wonderful time with family or friends and we do not want anything to disturb our peace. Let’s take care of a favorite playlist that will suit all users, take breaks on the road and not be provoked. Let’s think that the guy in front of us in traffic is at least as bad as we are, and if we are 15 minutes late to pick up the keys to the apartment, nothing really will happen. We wish you an unforgettable holiday and the best travels with cars from PANEK Rent a Car