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Kashubia part 2 – seaside attractions

Few people realize that Kashubia is not only a wonderfully geographically diverse region located west of the Tri-City. We come across this only when, going on a holiday by the sea, we pass towns whose names are written in two languages ​​- Polish and Kashubian. In today’s episode, we present the places worth visiting, surrounded by the waters of the Baltic Sea, Puck Bay and Gdańsk Bay. You can get to all of them in a safe and comfortable car from the PANEK rental company

Łeba – not only the sun and fun with a car from the PANEK rental  This unique holiday town attracts tourists with attractions that can be visited all year round. In the summer season, it is noisy and crowded here, but the wide, golden beaches and specific location make Łeba one of the few places where the wind blowing from the sea with the breeze brings iodine particles. Add to that a great accommodation offer and quite good gastronomic offer and we have a recipe for a resort.  However, the city itself is only an introduction to the unique attractions that are located just outside the city limits. One of the must-see places are the dunes. The highest of them – Góra Łącka, is 42 m high, and from its top you can admire wonderful views of the Sea and Łebsko Lake is a small, accessible to tourists, part of the Słowiński National Park, unique on a global scale. On the other side of the lake, there is the village of Kluki, a favorite among storks. Legend has it that a stork figurine purchased in the local Museum of the Slovinian Countryside brings good luck and fertility. It is known how it is with legends, but it is worth visiting this place if only to eat a delicious slice of country bread with lard and pickled cucumber.

Another attraction of the region is the Stilo lighthouse. You can get to it in a few minutes by car from the PANEK rental. Built on a steep slope, the tower is 33.4 m high and gives light to a height of 75 m above sea level. It is an attraction in itself, and if we add a walk through a pine forest, it is an attraction for the whole family.  In the southern part of Łeba there is one of the most spectacular moving dinosaur parks in Poland. You can easily spend a few hours here, and the figures of several dozen prehistoric species make an amazing impression.  Rozewie – light in the very north of Poland  The lighthouse in Rozewie was opened in 1822. The building rises above the cliff at 33 m, it is the most popular lighthouse in Poland. It is situated on the northernmost cape of our country, and the writer Stefan Żeromski reportedly lived here in the 1920s. In addition to visiting the tower, tourists have the opportunity to see an exhibition of miniatures of all lighthouses located on the Polish part of the Baltic Sea coast. A few kilometers to the east there is one of the most popular holiday resorts – Władysławowo, which is the gateway to the Hel Peninsula, while going west we will find ourselves in Jastrzębia Góra and Karwia, known for probably the most beautiful beaches on the entire Polish coast.