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Long-term rental from PANEK

The Rent a Car car rental company, using its over 21 years of experience in the car rental industry, has prepared well for difficult times in the automotive industry. A large and diversified fleet of vehicles is available almost immediately, because all offered vehicles are physically located in several locations throughout Poland. This is great news for business entities that plan to rent long-term vehicles to the company. 

Long-term rental – advantage 1  The main advantage of long-term rental at PANEK Rent a Car is offering customers cars that are physically owned by the operator. At the moment, when the whole world is struggling with the crisis in the semiconductor market, and subsequent car manufacturers are limiting or completely stopping production, PANEK is able to provide access to vehicles immediately. Several thousand cars are available in the “on demand” mode, and the simplified rental procedure means that the car can be delivered to the customer almost immediately after signing the contract.  Long-term rental – advantage 2  Another advantage, especially in comparison with leasing, is the fact that long-term rental at PANEK Rent a Car is a comprehensive service including all benefits. Under the contract, the customer receives not only a car, but also insurance, assistance, service and periodic inspections. In the event of a road accident, the company provides the customer with continuous mobility, providing a replacement car to the scene of the collision, which he will be able to continue driving and replacing it as soon as possible with a vehicle compliant with the rental agreement. This is an extremely important aspect that constitutes a serious argument in favor of the Rent a Car option. The rental price is fixed and does not include additional fees in the form of initial payments, constituting a percentage of the car value. The only additional amount is a deposit with the value of the monthly lease, which is a form of security for the contract and is returned to the customer at the end of the rental contract.  Long-term rental – advantage 3  The biggest challenge for CFM companies today is the acquisition of vehicles for leasing and rental services. Due to limitations in production and the lack of basic components, delays in deliveries can be up to one year. Savings made during the pandemic today are reflected in the hiccups of not being able to buy parts at all and deliveries of new cars are at high risk. If that was not enough, there is also the policy related to the transition to electromobility. It turns out that the companies stop investing in the development of internal combustion models anyway. In PANEK Rent a Car, cars of various classes are available immediately, and in addition, orders placed in advance allow for the scheduled supplementation of the fleet with new cars.

Rental tailored to the customer  The PANEK Rent a Car offer is addressed to companies that want to provide full mobility to their employees at a specific time. There are many time options available, the most cost effective of which is a 12 month service. This is the best solution in terms of monthly rental costs. An example calculation shows that compared to a 3-month contract, the customer is able to save an amount equal to one monthly installment per year.

Example:  AUT SUV class – SEAT ATECA 5d 1.5 TSI 150 KM, DSG  Rental option: 3 months, full package, monthly limit of 3000 km, installment PLN 2120 net  Rental option: 12 months, full package, monthly limit of 3000 km, installment PLN 1944 net  Calculating the monthly cost per year, the savings for the customer are PLN 2112 net.  We invite you to contact PANEK Rent a Car specialists who will tailor the offer to your needs and propose the best solutions for your company.