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May weekend with a car from PANEK – part 2

Poland is a beautiful and extremely geographically diverse country. At each time of the year, it presents different images that … In the north, it tempts with the world’s only views of the Baltic Sea stroking the white-gold beaches and high cliffs, and in the south it is breathtaking with images of the still snow-capped peaks of the Carpathians and Sudetes flowing down onto meadows and halls flowered with crocuses. But that’s not all, between the sea and the mountains there is a multi-colored carpet of beautiful patterns drawn by geographical regions, cut by rivers, lakes and forests. It is best to spend a picnic in Poland, and you can reach the most beautiful areas with modern and safe cars from PANEK Rent a Car.

Secrets of Lower Silesia  To get to know Lower Silesia well, you would need a good picnic here, and therefore a good holiday and probably for several years in sequence. The longitudinal regions to the voivodeship are a train to the new book, one queue, each queue is a train to spend for the whole family.  Do you know the secret of the “Golden Train”? Ten battleships, full of valuables in Poland and the Soviet Union, were to move in Wrocław towards Wałbrzych in 1944. Legend has it that the train, instead of its destination, disappeared somewhere in the Sowie Mountains and remains there to this day. One of the elements of history is Książ Castle. Visiting beautifully maintained Renaissance and renaissance decorations for large frades, both the stars and the young, in 400 rooms and located on 4 floors above here and for yourself. The last interesting deceptions of Książ Castle are its victorious. The castle was used as a function of the headquarters of Adolf Hitler, and the hollow tunnels are applicable to the “Riese” complex built in the Owl Mountains. People who want to know the answer to the question of what the Nazis did in the Sowie Mountains should definitely visit this place.  The city built on the orders of Adolf Hitler hides a lot of unknowns, of which the pavement is missing. You must then require the Włodań Complex and Sztolnie “Rzeczka” in the vicinity of Walim, the underground city park, the Soboń Complex and Jugowice Górne.

Mountains, our mountains  Lovers of breathtaking views will surely choose Polish mountains this year. It does not matter whether you decide to visit the Sudetes in Lower Silesia or one of the picturesque ranges in the Carpathian Mountains, you will not be disappointed. Winter this year did not really want to let go. Which resulted in a situation in which the high parts of the peaks are still covered with snow, while crocuses bloom in the valleys, creating phenomenal, colorful carpets in the halls. A special place where you can admire this spectacle is the Chochołowska Valley, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over Europe to the Tatra Mountains. However, it should be remembered that the mountains are still a dangerous area that requires the traveler to exercise prudence and common sense. The trails can be slippery and it’s easy to get involved in an accident.  We’re going out into the city  If you take 4 days off, you will have 9 days off, because your picnic will start on April 30 and will end on May 8. This is a chance for a serious holiday. However, not everyone will be able to take advantage of this option, so consider the so-called City Break. Cities such as: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań or Toruń offer a whole lot of attractions that can be enjoyed by the old and the young. Visiting monuments, exhibitions, cinema and theaters. There are plenty of possibilities. You should only remember that in order for everything to go as planned, you have to choose the best and proven partner, so rent a car for your trip at PANEK Rent a Car.