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PANEK long-term rental – a dedicated caretaker

PANEK S.A. has been on the market for over 21 years and continues to be a leader in the car rental industry. The company has developed its structures offering clients almost instant access to the rental service. Cars of various classes are available throughout the country, and the helpful staff is able to quickly arrange the right vehicle. 

“The experience gained over two decades of operation on the Polish market allows us not only to adapt to today’s realities and expectations of our customers, but also to predict the future. We have known most of our clients for several years, and we have been with some of them from the very beginning of their activity. In many cases, we already feel like part of the family. We participate in the life of not only companies, but also private individuals. We know perfectly well when a customer needs more cars, because it results from the specificity of his business. Together we celebrate holidays, anniversaries, we participate in the handover of cars to new employees, and with private users we “go” on holidays and winter holidays. We know their preferences and we prepare in advance, offering our clients interesting models and fleet novelties. ” – said Mateusz Kaim, Sales Manager at PANEK Rent a Car. 

 PANEK Rent a Car makes sure that the customer feels taken care of. A dedicated account manager knows the clients’ needs thoroughly and always tries to be one step ahead. Ultimately, the customer always decides, but the possibility of discussing various solutions with an advisor and the company’s openness to non-standard activities allows PANEK employees and the company itself to constantly develop. 21 years of tradition is a very long time, despite appearances. The company in its present form started its activity at the turn of the century. PANEK, finding itself in the complicated reality of the political and economic transformation of Poland at the end of the 20th century, transferred its character and experience to the 21st century, becoming an invaluable business partner for many Polish and foreign clients. The professionalism and unique approach to their customers are evidenced by the numerous awards granted to PANEK Rent a Car car rentals by the world’s largest booking portals. Customer recognition is next to the professional and dedicated staff, the greatest value of PANEK S.A.