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PANEK Rent a Car wins the Rentalcars.com Customer Favorite Award 2022

Today is one of those days when all the effort put into hard work ceases to matter, and a smile and pride appear on your face, because for another year in a row, PANEK Rent a Car has won the Customer Favorite Award 2022! The winning office in this year’s edition of the competition is Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport! 

We are present in 30 locations throughout the country, and offices are located in all airports, city centers, as well as in shopping malls. Last year’s victory at a point located at the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport triggered a natural “sporting anger” in colleagues from other PANEK Rent a Car offices and a desire for positive competition. Such an award is an obvious stimulus to analyze your work throughout the year and a driving force for further improvement of your qualifications. Ultimately, this year’s award, awarded by the users of the Rentalcars.com portal, again went to the PANEK office (this time to the point located at Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport) and although there could be one winner, all our offices and each employee deserve congratulations for the fantastic work and fight for the final result. The offices at Okęcie and Szczecin-Goleniów Airports also received very high scores on 9.0 / 10, followed by Wrocław (8.9 / 10), Gdańsk (8.3 / 10) and Kraków (8.2 / 10).

The Customer Favorite Award 2022, from Renatcars.com, owned by the largest travel booking operator – Booking.com., Is awarded on the basis of customer reviews posted on Rentalcars.com and Booking.com, which further increases its rank. It is the highest evaluation of our work and appreciation by customers that gives us the greatest satisfaction and strength to act. We want to be the best for you, for your comfort and safety. PANEK Rent a Car is a fleet of over 2,000 modern and safe cars, each of which is prepared according to the highest standards. We are proud that customers appreciated our efforts.  We have calculated that in 2020 PANEK Rent a Car customers traveled over 52,000,000 kilometers with our cars, which would allow them to circle the globe 1,300 times! In 2021, this result was doubled, and the total distance exceeded 122,000,000 kilometers!  Booking.com and the group’s Rentacars.com portal are the largest booking platforms used by millions of customers around the world. Based on their opinions, we analyze our actions and try to be closer and closer to the ideal. This year we are also prepared to beat this result, we are constantly supplementing our fleet with new cars and we look forward to the summer season. Thank you for choosing PANEK Rent a Car and for the trust you place in us.