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Skoda Karoq at PANEK rental 

In the Skoda family, it stands exactly between the family Kodiaq and the city Kamiq, so it seems to be the most universal of the three. It can easily accommodate 5 passengers, and the luggage space is so large that it should have its own notarial deed. New copies of SKODA KAROQ entered the PANEK Rent a Car rental. 

Skoda Karoq at PANEK rental

The silhouette of the Karoq strongly resembles its larger brother, the Kodiaq model, but due to its shorter length, it has slightly more subtle proportions. Measuring exactly 4.5 m, the bodywork seems to be concentrated in itself, but inside there is no question of crampedness or even lack of space. The whole makes a great impression and is a promise of a comfortable journey

Strength in versatility

We know the interior exactly from other models from Mlada Boleslav, but in accordance with the rules prevailing in the Skoda design studio, the dashboard of the SUV has a vertical orientation. It is a well-thought-out procedure, which is supposed to evoke in the user a feeling of communing with a large, massive and safe car. The central part of the dashboard is occupied by a large multimedia system display. Operation is easy and clear, and the menu is intuitive. The seats are spacious and very comfortable. They seem to have been transferred here from a larger model. Behind the wheel it is pleasant and comfortable, and the meaty steering wheel makes you want to hold it in your hands.

In the second row, three passengers can easily sit, it is also possible to install 3 child seats here. In the catalog, you can read that the boot capacity is 512 liters, but it makes a colossal impression and looks much larger. In addition, it is adjustable and deep. Inside, there are also gadgets from the Simply Clever series, i.e. special hooks for hanging groceries and a flashlight, which we can also use outside the car. 

Proven technique

Under the hood of the Karoq, there is a petrol turbocharged TSI unit with a capacity of 1.5 liters and a power of 150 hp. The modern engine has the function of deactivating two cylinders during a quiet ride, and on descents, it can go into the sailing mode, i.e. turn off completely to save fuel. The engine is accompanied by an automatic seven-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox. The car drives confidently and safely, and the suspension perfectly absorbs bumps. Skoda Karoqs from PANEK rental are equipped with a set of assist systems, so on board, you will find an anti-collision system with emergency braking function, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping system, and blind spot monitor. There is nothing like making yourself comfortable in the armchair and letting yourself be driven to your destination.