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Skoda Octavia – comfortable and clever

In addition to supporting systems that make us feel safe in the car, there are also systems that are designed to put us in a good mood and ensure driving comfort. These supposedly insignificant little things make us get used to the car and perceive it as friendly and cool. For years, Skoda has been trying very hard to make customers perceive it as an innovative and user-friendly brand. In cars from Mlada Boleslav, the manufacturer uses a number of simple solutions, thanks to which customers are very attached to their cars and willingly use them also in PANEK Rent a Car. 

Design first 

In terms of design, Skoda follows the path of evolution that has been established by the Volkswagen concern for years. This seemingly conservative company policy has many advantages, however. The brand’s customers know that they will not be surprised by what they may not like, so there is a good chance that Skoda will be their next choice again. This nascent commitment to the brand and model allows engineers to plan a production strategy and determine the market demand for a given model with high accuracy. The design of the Skoda Octavia is therefore calm, although the word “conservative” would not be an appropriate term. Each of the 4th generation of the model emerged from the previous one so much that today we are able to easily catch the Octavia from the crowd of other cars, and well-kept copies of even the first generation prove that the car ages with style.

Utility values 

Why do users love their Skoda so much? The value in use of Octavia certainly comes to the fore. The car belongs technologically to the C class, commonly known as the Compact Class, but it has little in common with a slightly larger than a city hatchback. In fact, in the current range of the Czech manufacturer, this role was taken over by the Scala model, which replaced the popular Rapid.

So where is our Octavia located? Well, the car with a body length of 4689 mm is already quite a large liftback (5-door body with a gently sloping rear end and a large tailgate) and is closer to the Middle Class, in which we can find many valued competitors. However, it seems to me that Skoda, setting its most popular model between the Compact and Medium classes, made a smart move here to bring customers of both classes closer together. Skoda Octavia with a luggage capacity of 600 liters is the undisputed leader not only in its category, because it also beats larger competitors in this competition.

Simply Clever 

The luggage compartment capacity is a very important parameter when choosing a rental car, but it is not the only one, because something else that Skoda calls Simply Clever counts during everyday use. Simply put, it is a set of gadgets and amenities that improve the lives of the driver and passengers.

Starting from the trunk, PANEK Rent a Car users have at their disposal hangers for bags and carrier bags that protect purchases from falling out, and special nets on the floor, backrest of the rear sofa and left side seat. The tailgate opens electrically. All doors have deep recesses for a 1.5-liter water bottle and a reflective vest. There are two cupholders in the center console, and another two are hidden in the rear seat armrest.

Our Skoda Octavias, available in the PANEK Rent a Car offer, are waiting for you to discover their full advantages during your upcoming holiday trips.