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Tesla Model S available at PANEK Rent a Car

With the new year, PANEK Rent a Car offers the possibility of long-term rental of cars, which are assigned to the EXTREME and UNIQUE Group on a daily basis in the PANEK CarSharing where yoou can rent a cor for minutes, hours and days. We have already informed you about the possibility of long-term rental of the Ferrari F430, now it is the turn of the iconic Tesla Model S electric car. You can check our rental offer at the PANEK Rent a Car Customer Service Office at +48 665 800 800. 

Tesla from the very beginning of its existence amazes and fascinates all drivers around the world. The unusual performance, previously attributed to the group of sports cars and supercars, has become available to ordinary people. Tesla Model S is a family limousine, able to comfortably transport 4 adults and a large amount of luggage. It is a mild, inconspicuous car on a daily basis, leaving most Porsche and Ferrari at the traffic lights in an instant. Tesla made available to customers at PANEK Rent a Car is a copy marked with the PANEK CarSharing logo, which is also available in the rental service for minutes and hours, but the long-term rental option allows customers to freely move this unique car outside the zone in which it is located, and even go on a business or family trip. The rental option at PANEK Rent a Car also gives you a unique opportunity to check all the possibilities of this technically advanced car. PANEK Rent a Car also offers Ferrari F430 and Cupra Formentor. All at an extremely attractive price. Check it yourself at +48 665 800 800