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The latest SKODA OCTAVIA is now available at PANEK Rent a Car

The latest SKODA OCTAVIA is now available at PANEK Rent a Car

Skoda Octavia already at the time of its market debut in 1996 became the favorite of drivers all over Europe. The manufacturer’s assumptions were simple: the car is to equipped with Volkswagen’s technology and compete with a low price. This procedure was successful, because it quickly turned out that the Skoda Octavia is even more spacious than its counterparts in the group, and in addition, the size of the trunk beats all competitors. The second generation of the Czech compact car strengthened the position of the model, and the third became a real hit. Octavia ceased to be the “Ugly Duckling” and began to be the driving force of not only Skoda, but the entire concern. It is enough to look at the sales results, where for years the Skoda Octavia has been occupying the first place in terms of the number of registrations in Poland, and in Europe it does not leave the podium. The latest – the fourth generation of the model has just entered the car rental service at PANEK Rent a Car, which seems to be writing a new history of the Czech brand.

Michał Garbaczuk is testing

The latest Skoda Octavia has become synonymous with a family car in Poland. Of course, the Combi version is particularly fond of, but interest in the liftback version, which Skoda calls the “Limousine”, continues. From the original assumptions of the manufacturer, only the proven Volkswagen technique remained, but the car does not have to compete with the low price, because during the 25 years of presence the car has made its own brand and has gained millions of satisfied customers. Of course, the hierarchy in the group was long-established, but as Volkswagen began to aspire to the premium segment and Audi began to create its own league, an opportunity arose for position of Skoda a little higher. The deck of the new Octavia is therefore the same as on the current 8th generation Golf, and the technology comes from the same rack, in the same warehouse.


State-of-the-art technology

PANEK Rent a Car focuses not only on the safety of customers, but also on their comfort of traveling, which is why the service was chosen in a rich version of STYLE equipment. The Octavia available at PANEK Rent a Car are therefore equipped with the most modern active and passive safety systems, and on board there are, among others, Front Assist System detecting obstacles with an emergency braking function, Adaptive Cruise Control System, which works up to a speed of 210 km / h, maintaining a constant distance from the vehicle in front, Lane Assist – driving the car along the lane and correcting the driving path, they illuminate the road in an amazing way. The technology used so far only in premium class cars allows driving with the high beam on permanently, and the beam of light is “dimmed” in a field that can dazzle cars ahead and those on the opposite direction.


Nice lounge

The interior of the new Skoda Octavia invites you to spend a long time in it. The front seats are spacious and comfortable. The height adjustment of the seat and steering wheel allows you to quickly find the ideal and therefore safe driving position. The leather-covered steering wheel itself fits well in the hands, it is pleasant to the touch. The dashboard has been “drawn” horizontally, which enhances the impression of spaciousness, and in addition, part of it has been covered with material with an interesting texture. The command center is, of course, the 10-inch screen of the multimedia system, which also provides access to the extensive vehicle settings menu. The BOLERO radio does not have a built-in satellite navigation, but it supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity, so the home screen displays navigation applications and a smartphone. In the back seatTwo adults will sit comfortably, but up to three people will be able to travel on the several hundred-kilometer route. The couch is equipped with an armrest with cupholders and a compartment through where longer items, such as skiis, can be inserted. The boot size of the Skoda Octavia has become legendary and the latest generation of the model also does not disappoint. It has regular shapes, a capacity of 600 liters, and with folded backrests even 1,555 liters. In addition, there are shopping handles and additional safety nets on the floor, on the back of the backrest and on the left side.


Comfortably to the destination

The Skoda Octavia, available from PANEK Rent a Car, is equipped with a 150 HP turbocharged 1.5 TSI EVO engine, paired with a manual 6-speed gearbox. The failure-free design is ideally suited for “service” in a car rental company and is the brand’s showcase. The engine reaches its maximum torque in the range of 1500 – 3500 rpm and is very willing to accelerate. This is confirmed by the technical data: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 8.2 seconds and the top speed is 231 km / h! By the way, the engine is not very greedy, which means that the car’s range is 670 kilometers. The technology of disconnecting the two cylinders when the car is moving at a constant speed helps to save fuel. The Skoda Octavia has good road grip, is light to drive and even relaxing and very quiet up to 140 km / h. Parking sensors and a camera with a wide field of view help to maneuver in the parking lot. The STYLE version, offered by PANEK Rent a Car, also includes: Hill Hold Controll, heated front seats, tinted rear side and rear windows, electric trunk, automatic wipers, adjustable armrest height, 18-inch wheels and an elegant chrome strip surrounding the windows from the outside . There is also keyless access to the vehicle, so all you need to do is have the key in your pocket to unlock and start the car.

The Skoda Octavia again turns out to be a very friendly means of transport, which can be pleasantly covered by thousands of kilometers. The dynamic engine and comfortable interior encourage travel, and a limited appetite for fuel can save a lot. And this trunk where you can put all your partner’s dresses and hats.



Technical data Skoda Octavia STYLE:

Engine: Gasoline Turbocharged

Displacement: 1498 cm3

Car power: 150 KM at 5000 obr./min

Maximum torque: 250 Nm at 1500 – 3500 obr./min

Transmission: Manual 6-speed

Maximum speed: 231km/h

Acceleration: 0-100 km / h 8.2 seconds

Fuel consumption (combined WLTP): 5,6 l/100 km

CO2 emissions (combined cycle): 127 g/km

Length Width Height: 4689/1829/1486 mm