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The Lighthouse Trail

Autumn is a time when seaside resorts are a bit empty, and tourists relaxing by the Baltic Sea have more space for themselves. Then it is not difficult to find a place on the beach where you can feel as if you are the only person in the area. Autumn is also a time when seaside views acquire a unique pastel look thanks to colorful leaves. 

However, the Baltic Sea is not only about white sand, dunes and fried fish, and October is a great month to try other attractions. One of them is the Polish Lighthouse Trail, stretching along the entire length of the Polish Baltic coast from Świnoujście to Krynica Morska. The entire trail is over 600 kilometers long and is divided into two sections: Pomeranian and West Pomeranian, it is best to get to the next lighthouses with modern and safe cars from PANEK Rent a Car.

There are 17 lighthouses on the trail – each different, each unique, but always picturesquely situated on a high, forested dune or at the entrance to the port. Most of the sites are over 100 years old and have a lot of history associated with them, so it is worth taking advantage of a guide (not all lighthouses) who always presents the history of a given attraction in a colorful way. For the most persistent adventurers, the bronze Tourist Badge of the Lighthouse Lover “BLIZA” awaits. To get it, you need to visit at least 5 lighthouses on the Polish coast within 2 years and paste the so-called Visas confirming your visit to a given location into a previously purchased special passport. To get the silver badge, you need to visit the next 8 lighthouses, and to get the gold badge, you have to visit any 3 lighthouses outside of Poland.

Below we present the most characteristic ones, starting from the west:

The Świnoujście Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Poland and one of the tallest in the world. It was opened in 1854 and its height is as much as 65 meters. In the adjoining building there is a museum of lighthouses and sea rescue.

Kikut Lighthouse located in the Wolin National Park is one of the lowest structures of this type on the Polish coast (its height is 18 m), but its location on a 75-meter cliff makes it the highest lighthouse in our country. Unfortunately, the facility is not available for tourists, but you can still admire breathtaking views from a high cliff.

The Kołobrzeg Lighthouse measures 26 meters and is located in the immediate vicinity of the port entrance. It offers a beautiful view of the sea and the spa park. Due to its location right next to the promenade, the Kołobrzeg lighthouse, operating since 1899, is the hero of many postcards and holiday photos. Inside there is a museum and a cafe.

The lighthouse in Czołpino is 1000 m away from the sea shore, but due to its location on an over 50-meter dune, its light shines at a height of as much as 75 meters. The lighthouse is located in the middle of the Słowiński National Park, and from its observation deck there is a beautiful view of the sea, the surrounding dunes and lakes. The building was also the star of the films “In love” and “Kloss – Double Stawka”

The lighthouse in Rozewie, opened in 1822, rising above the cliff at 33 m, is the most popular lighthouse in Poland. It is situated on the northernmost cape of our country, and the writer Stefan Żeromski reportedly lived here in the 1920s. In addition to visiting the tower, tourists have the opportunity to see an exhibition of miniatures of all lighthouses located on the Polish part of the Baltic Sea coast.

The Hel Lighthouse stands at the very end of the Hel Peninsula, which is its unquestionable tourist value. From the observation deck located at a height of 39 meters, you can admire the view of the peninsula, the Bay of Gdańsk and the Tri-City, and the sunsets are especially picturesque here. Rumors of helium-based lighthouses date back to the Middle Ages, when huge fires lit on the headland led sailors and fishermen home.

The trail of Polish lighthouses ends in Krynica Morska, but on the way from Hel, you can also visit the lighthouse in Jastarnia, the historic lighthouse in Sopot and in Gdańsk Nowy Port, which is a copy of the facility in Ohio, USA. Traveling along the Polish coast is a great idea for families with children, but also for romantic trips for two. You can reach all these places with comfortable and safe cars from PANEK Rent a Car.