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The most beautiful Christmas markets in Poland

The smell of gingerbread and mulled wine with cloves, colorful lights shining on Christmas trees in which the world looks a bit fairy-tale and unreal. Who doesn’t love Christmas? We, also are already getting carried away by winter climates and present today the most beautiful Christmas markets in Poland. You can reach all of them with safe cars from PANEK Rent a Car. 

Wrocław – Market Square, ul. Świdnicka, ul. Oławska, Solny Square, November 19-31, 2021 

The Christmas market in the capital of Lower Silesia is one of the most impressive and beautiful in all of Poland. It is a place where you certainly cannot get bored, and the gathered attractions will please the old and the young. You can buy here, among others Christmas decorations, artistic products, cosmetics, gingerbread, honey and alcohol. Gladies will also find their favorite stands, as the gastronomic offer is extremely wide and varied. The most popular are always grilled dishes, chocolate kebabs, chocolate waffles, fruit and mulled wine, without which no Christmas market could do. In Wrocław you can also meet exhibitors from various countries, sometimes exotic ones.

Gdańsk – Targ Węglowy, November 19 – December 24, 2021 

This fair already has its reputation and in 2019 was recognized in the European Best Christmas Markets poll as the third best fair in Europe! This year, traditionally Christmas stalls will be placed at Targ Węglowy and in Tkacka and Bogusławskiego streets. At the fair in Gdańsk, we can try many regional products made in accordance with family recipes, as well as see beautiful light figures and ride a Venetian carousel. 

This year visitors will see a 28-meter high Christmas tree in Poland, an 8-meter Angel Mill, an over 11-meter Gdańsk Carousel, fairy-tale illuminations, multi-colored Christmas stands with regional delicacies, decorations and products from local artists, thematic nooks (Santa Claus , Łosiowy and Radosny), also “Całówśna Altana” for lovers and the Food Court gastronomic zone with dishes from different corners. An attraction for the youngest, but probably not only will be Lucek the moose speaking with a human voice. Those eager for extreme experiences will be able to go crazy on the Gdańsk carousel, iceberg or on the toboggan run. In addition, it is worth visiting the city center and the Oliwa Park beautifully decorated with Christmas illuminations, as well as seeing Gdańsk from a bird’s eye view on the Amber Sky viewing wheel.

Poznań – Wolności Square, Łazarski Market Square and Kasprowicz Park Arena, 20.11-19.12.2021 

Poznań Bethlehem is an event that turns Wolności Square, Łazarski Rynek and Kasprowicz Park into a Christmas land like from a fairy tale. Like the Gdańsk fair, also the one taking place in the capital of Greater Poland was awarded in the European Best Cristmas Markets poll. Visitors will be tempted by delicacies and traditional Christmas dishes, some of which will probably end up on the festive tables. There are also many attractions for children and adults, such as: Christmas Silent Disco, i.e. a party in headphones, as well as the Winter Fire Show. Families will certainly be interested in Christmas workshops on creating Christmas decorations and baking gingerbread, and the youngest will be welcomed by the Balloon Fairy and an Elf. There will also be a meeting with Santa Claus. A tradition of the Poznań fair is also the Poznań Ice Festival, i.e. a show of ice carving by artists from all over the world. This year, the ice wonders will be created on 10-12/12/2021

Krakow – Main Market Square, November 26-26, 2021 

At Krakow’s stands you can buy, among others with hand-painted baubles, Christmas decorations, Christmas decorations, wooden and ceramic products, as well as jewelry and souvenirs, but the real attraction are culinary delicacies from all over Małopolska. You can try roasted oscypek cheese with cranberries and delicious grilled dishes, as well as roasted nuts, roasted nuts, roasted chestnuts, Christmas cookies and gingerbreads known from, for example, Viennese fairs. The traditional Galician mulled wine will be waiting for those who are cold, and it will surely warm many hearts this year. This year, visitors will also be able to admire the Christmas Carol Pageant, Rite of the Polish Forefathers. There will also be opportunities to sing Christmas carols together.

Toruń – Old Town Square, November 27-21, 2021 

Can there be a place that is more associated with holidays than the Polish capital of gingerbread? In the next 3 weeks, Toruń’s old town will turn into a magical place, full of attractions for children and adults. In addition to tasting Christmas delicacies, this year you will be able to take part in a great parade led through the streets of the old town by Santa Claus himself. In addition, you will be able to take part in many thematic workshops, visit Snow Park and listen to “Fairy Tales”. A special attraction will be the Santa’s Run, where each participant must be dressed in a red outfit.

Warsaw – Old Town Square, November 26, 2021 – December 6, 2022 

The Warsaw Fair is valued primarily for its unique atmosphere, fragrant with gingerbread and chocolate. The streets of the Old Town, decorated with lamps, create a specific Christmas atmosphere, and every year the huge Christmas tree on Castle Square is a must-see and the background for family photos. As every year, Christmas stalls will offer culinary delicacies from around the country and the world, as well as handicrafts, ceramics and beautiful Christmas decorations. The old town, however, is not the only place that should be visited before Christmas. On the other side of the Vistula, there will be an official city fair at the National Stadium, which tempts not only with sweets and colorful decorations. It is here that, as every year, as part of the Winter National campaign, you will be able to ride a dinghy down a huge hill and skate on the largest ice rink in Poland.

Białystok – Market Square under the Town Hall, 04-22/12/2021 

The Christmas market in Białystok has a long tradition and is an opportunity to learn about the diverse culture of Podlasie. At the stalls set up in special wooden houses, you will find handicrafts and specialties of Polish, Tatar and Lithuanian cuisine. You cannot leave without buying traditional kvass, bread, kindziuk and, of course, sękacz, which are brought to Białystok even from Suwałki. After shopping, it is necessary to take a picture with the Christmas tree and take a walk to the Branicki Palace, where wonderful light installations await guests.  As you can see from our examples, there are plenty of opportunities to spend time in a festive atmosphere, and each fair offers different attractions. You can reach all of them with comfortable and safe cars from PANEK Rent a Car, but remember also that in 150 cities all over Poland there are cars waiting for you in the PANEK CarSharing service, which can be rented in attractive packages using a smartphone application