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This is not the end of holidays at PANEK Rent a Car

September is the usual end of summer holidays, children and teenagers return to school, and the air temperature is no longer breaking new records for altitude. It turns out, however, that September is still a great time to jump in a car and visit one of the interesting regions of Poland. You can get anywhere with the PANEK Rent a Car rental cars, and the great equipment will ensure you not only safety, but also comfort of travel. 

Colorful Zakopane  Zakopane is a city unique in its climate. Both tourists who come to the Tatra Mountains to have a great time will find a place here, but also those who come to rest will feel good. The city lies in a valley, so the only peak that can be seen from practically every point is Giewont. The “Sleeping Knight” is a trademark of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, as well as a landmark. To see the panorama of the Tatra Mountains, you need to move to the north of the city, and it is best to take the cable car to Gubałówka, from where there is an amazing view of the mountains. Zakopane is also a city that likes luxury, so you should consider visiting one of the comfortable SUV models from PANEK car rental. Cars can be rented in virtually every city in Poland. September is the time when forests change their color from juicy greens to romantic pastels. The trails are still safe, but if you don’t run rumaggedons on a daily basis, stay in the valleys. The views are beautiful too.  Virgin Podlasie  It is best to start discovering Podlasie with a visit to Janów Podlaski, which is known primarily from the stud farm. There, during the Pride of Poland gala, that the richest people in the world attract each year and buy the world’s best horses of Arabian blood. However, Podlasie is not only about horses. The Bug river basin, canoeing on the Krutynia or Biebrza river, the majestic forests of the Knyszyn Primeval Forest, the Bison from Białowieża and the culture of Polish Tatars. The magical and still unspoiled nature means that wherever you stay, you will be completely sucked in. 

Pomeranian lighthouses  Autumn is a time when seaside resorts are a bit empty, and tourists relaxing by the Baltic Sea have more space for themselves. Then it is not difficult to find a place on the beach where you can feel as if you are the only person in the area. Autumn is also a time when coastal views become more harsh, and more frequent storms clean the air and fill it with health-promoting micronutrients. However, the Baltic Sea is not only about white sand, dunes and fried fish, and September is a great month to try other attractions. One of them is the Polish Lighthouse Trail, stretching along the entire length of the Polish Baltic coast from Świnoujście to Krynica Morska. The entire route is over 600 kilometers long and is divided into two sections: Pomeranian and West Pomeranian, and for large and small explorers there is a BLIZA Lighthouse Lover Passport and special badges. 

A chivalrous adventure 

Who, being a boy, did not dream of becoming a knight one day and riding a horse, in full armor, fighting in great battles. And which girl dreamed of being a princess, dressing up in colorful robes and looking for her knight from the walls of a fortified castle? Today, as adults, we look at children’s dreams differently, but the autumn weekend is a great opportunity to go on the Gothic Castles Trail, which stretches through the Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian provinces. Bytów, Gniew, Malbork or Kwidzyn. Each of them tells their own story. You can reach everyone with comfortable and modern cars from PANEK Rent a Car.  Undiscovered Lower Silesia  Do you know the secret of the “Golden Train”? This armored train, full of valuables stolen by the Nazis in Poland and the Soviet Union, was to move from Wrocław towards Wałbrzych in November 1944. Legend has it that the train, instead of reaching its destination, disappeared somewhere in the Owl Mountains and remains there to this day, and access to it is guarded by secret guards selected for this role by the Nazis. One of the elements of this story is the Książ Castle. The building was erected in the years 1288–1292 at the behest of the prince of Świdnica and Jawor – Bolek I the Raw, extended and rebuilt in later years, it also hides many secrets. Visiting the beautifully maintained Renaissance and Baroque rooms is a lot of fun for the whole family, because both older and younger in over 400 rooms and rooms located on 4 floors will find something for themselves here. The most interesting part of the Książ Castle is its underground. The castle was to serve as the headquarters of Adolf Hitler, and the tunnels cut under the castle were probably to be connected with the “Riese” complex built in the Owl Mountains. With a safe car from PANEK Rent a Car at your disposal, you will discover the remaining secrets of Lower Silesia.