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Toyota Corolla – the queen of reliability

There is a saying that Diamonds are forever. It’s also the title of one of the 007 agent movies. Unfortunately, James Bond didn’t have a chance to drive a Corolla, and we think it might be a good thing, because the movies would be shorter and without many chase scenes where cars lose a lot of parts and the Secret Agent Her Majesty would always be there on time. 

New line, new style 

Corolla is eternal and too reliable to be an action movie hero. You can even risk that she could be the perfect hero of Polish cinema. There is simply nothing happening! ”. It could, if not for the fact that the 12th generation of the model breaks with all the stereotypes about the appearance of the compact Corolla. The design of the current generation resulted in the removal of a reliable, but painfully boring car patch. The new Toyota looks like it was designed in an Italian styling studio. She is brave, aggressive and self-confident. In addition, the designers created fabulously comfortable armchairs, which you do not want to get out of. Importantly, the rear bench, which can accommodate up to three passengers, was well-shaped, and most importantly – ergonomically. There are two handles for the IsoFix system on the outer seats. Words of appreciation also deserve the boot. It is large, roomy and has a double floor. Its capacity is 596 liters, which puts the Corolla Touring Sports at the forefront not only of its class, but of the station wagon in general.

A hybrid classic 

Toyota is a pioneer and leader in the promotion of hybrid powertrains. The new Corolla proposes and just such a unit was under the hood of the car available in PANEK Rent a Car. The power unit is based on a 1.8l naturally aspirated gasoline engine and a cooperating electric motor. The total power of the system is 122 hp. Apparently not much, but quite enough to move around the city efficiently and not bad if we want to go on a longer route. The most important task of the hybrid is the careful handling of fuel and the new Corolla does its job perfectly. Achieving a result of 3.8 l / 100 km is not a spectacular feat, and there are drivers who have already achieved the championship in eco-driving and are able to achieve even better results.

However, you should learn to drive a hybrid, and you definitely have to give up your previous habits. Interestingly, the best results are achieved by quickly accelerating to a given speed and maintaining it by touching the accelerator pedal with the little finger of the right foot. We write more about the driving technique of modern Toyota hybrids on our Blog.

Safe and comfortable 

Driving the new Toyota Corolla Touring Sports is very enjoyable. The car is dynamic enough on the road, and the suspension is a successful compromise between good handling and the soothing, comfortable suspension that Toyota has always been known for. The cabin is quite soundproofed and only at high speeds the driver’s ears begin to hear the sounds of the air flowing over the body. Fortunately, at around 140 km / h, there is a pleasant atmosphere in the cabin.

Toyota Corolla from PANEK Rent a Car has also been loaned to a number of modern assistants improving driving safety. On board there is a lane keeping assistant, a system that detects objects in the so-called “blind spot”, sensors and a reversing camera, as well as an active cruise control and an emergency braking system. safety. Cars are available at PANEK branches all over Poland.