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About us

More than 1,300 cars in 19 classes,

46 rental points, of which 12 airports,

30 000 satisfied customers per year!


Panek SA This Polish industry leader Rent a Car, winner of many prestigious plebiscites, a company with tradition and only the Polish capital. Present on the market for 15 years, managed by President Maciej Panek, there are high standards of service and individual approach to the customer.

Transparent rules of the rental, no additional fees preparatory, seasonal fees, fees for winter tires, makes the company a reliable business partner, and willingly chosen service provider for the private sector.

The services Panek S.A uses annually more than 30 000 customers who have overcome 65 000 000 kilometers per year, which is a distance corresponding to 85 journeys to the moon and back.

All this is possible thanks to the modern, constantly growing fleet of more than 1,300 new vehicles in 19 classes. Company cars outside the popular segment also has premium cars, special cars, buses and refrigerators.

Panek SA This not only Cars- a whole team of people who work daily to the fact that the car was substituted by the Client on time, in perfect condition and visually, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It is the attention to standards and commitment has enabled the company to become the leader in short-term rental. This year alone appreciated her two prestigious awards: "Best short-term rental - Fleet Awards 2015" and "Best service fleet - Short Term Rental - Fleet Derby 2015".

Panek SA however, it has to offer a lot more. It provides services in the field of medium and long-term lease, and OC. Constantly expands and replaces its fleet to be able to offer customers the highest quality, comfort and safety. This is certainly one of the fastest growing Polish brands and trustworthy company!

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