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===What is a deposit?

The deposit is a security measure in case the hirer causes additional costs during the rental period. IMPORTANT: When using the car, the deposit is not transferred to our account, it is only blocked and you can see it in your account in the ” Blocked funds” section. At the end of the rental the blockade is removed by the bank.

===What is pre-authorization?

Pre-authorisation is a type of transaction made on a credit card, through which funds are blocked, corresponding to the amount of the deposit set for a given class of vehicle. Pre-authorization is a blockade of funds on the card and not a physical withdrawal of funds from the card account. If no additional costs are incurred during the rental period, the pre-authorization is directed to unlock after the rental period. PANEK S.A. sends a request for unblocking the deposit to the electronic payment service provider, which in turn sends it to the bank – card issuer. The bank has time to unblock the transaction up to 14 calendar days from the date of its execution. After 14 days, the transaction is automatically released. If you wish to release the pre-authorization earlier, if the rental lasts less than 14 days, you should contact the bank and request that the pre-authorization be released earlier. However, when additional costs arise during the rental process, they are charged from the blocked pre-authorization and the remaining unused funds are automatically unblocked.

===Can I pay for the rental with cash?

Rental charges can be made by credit card or online payment for bookings made on www.ipanek.pl.

===How much does it cost to rent a car at PANEK S.A.?

At PANEK S.A. we constantly analyse the situation on the market and the competitors’ actions, thus in order to present the best possible offer, our prices are constantly changing. The quickest way to get to know the current offer of PANEK S.A. is to fill in the form on the website, where you can immediately see how much it will cost to rent. The system will automatically calculate the rental price including all discounts and promotions. It is worth remembering that PANEK S.A. never applies hidden surcharges or preparatory tariffs, so that the full rental costs are known to you before you place an order.

===Which payment cards can I use to make a transaction?

The cards you can pay with: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, China Union Pay. The card must have an expiration date of at least 3 months from the end of the car rental.