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Long-term rental

Offer for customers looking for a car for a minimum of one year

Alternative for the purchase and leasing

The ideal solution for companies


  • Fixed, predictable monthly costs that do not change throughout the rental period
  • You no longer have to engage their own funds to buy a car, you gain the flexibility to build its fleet and its immediate filling in emergencies when the need arises
  • You do not worry about the sale or redemption of the car after rental
  • For a fixed monthly fee your vehicle is under the care of specialists who take care me. for maintenance, service, or seasonal tire change
  • After the expiration of the contract, you are entitled to preferential terms to extend the service or give it up
  • Long term rental is treated as an operating lease with additional services. Subject of the lease agreement is one of the assets of the landlord who makes depreciation. While the rent for the rental is deductible for the beneficiary, under the conditions specified by the Act on CIT.
  • Increased borrowing capacity, fleet does not burden the company's balance sheet, as for the purchase of vehicles on credit

and additionally:

  • technical service in the ASO
  • Comprehensive claims handling
  • exchange and storage of tires
  • replacement car
  • center and technical
  • managerial reports

Service leasing in PANEK SA It is dedicated exclusively to commercial companies.

The maximum period offered rent is 12 months

We offer long-term rental, solely on the basis of currently owned fleet, with no order under service vehicles with the external market.



+48 665 800 000



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