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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a vehicle in Panek JSC?
We accept electronic reservations via our internet reservation form, available at our website. Moreover, in terms of reservations, you can contact our hotline +48 665 800 000, available at all hours, a dedicated e-mail address: @@rezerwacje@@, or our authorized agents in 36 major cities in Poland.

What documents are required to rent a car?
First of all, you need to have a driver's license confirming the right to drive a car. A second identity document will also be necessary: an ID or a passport. In some circumstances, our employee may also ask for your employment certificate or register documents of your company.

How much does renting a car in Panek JSC cost?
The price of the rental will be visible to you during car reservation via the form on our website. The system will automatically calculate the price, including all discounts and promotions. Rental rates are also available on the Pricelist subpage. PANEK SA does not as opposed to competition charge any additional fees. The full cost of the rental is available to you during the finalization of the transaction.

What is a deposit?
A deposit is a form of security against causing additional costs by the client. Part of the funds on the client's credit card are blocked, which will be released after the return of the car. Paying the deposit in cash or via bank transfer is also possible; the amount will be returned to you the same way, after the return of the car. Cash payment for depisit is available only for Business Customers who brings all company documents including a certificate of non-liability and autorization to represent the company.

Can someone else drive the car, other than the person who rented it?
Yes, however it is necessary to report the fact at the time of the rental and present the other driver's ID and a valid driver's license. A fee is charged for the additional driver.

Is it possible to return the car in a different city than it was rented?
Yes. If the rental lasts over 4 days, the client may return the car to any of our 43 branches free from charge. However, in case of shorter rentals, such service costs 246 PLN, regardless of the distance to cover. There is also a possibility of renting and returning the car in Poland and abroad, provided the additional costs of 4 PLN per kilometer in each direction, are covered. The above promotion does not apply to rentals and returns in Berlin.

Do you deliver cars at the airports?
Our vehicles may be rented free from additional charge in the following airports:

Warszawa-Okęcie, Gdansk-Rebiechowo, Łódź-Lublinek, Krakow-Balice, Katowice-Pyrzowice, Wroclaw-Strachowice, Bydgoszcz-Bielice and Poznań-Ławica. The fee for delivering or returning the car at other Polish airports is 50PLN.

What about refueling?
All cars rented in our company are fully refueled prior to delivering to the client. Please refill the fuel before returning the car to us.

What do I do in case of a sudden failure of the vehicle I rented?
Our tech support, consisting of fleet management professionals is available to you at all hours. In case of a vehicle failure, please contact tech support department, available by phone +48 665 302 260. This applies to all accidents as well. In such cases, please contact our Claims Department at +48 509 822 422.

Are the cars in Panek JSC insured?
Yes, all our cars have the necessary basic insurance. With this, the client's responsibility is limited to their own contribution amount (subject to the Rules). It is possible to buy additional extended insurance, which reduces the client's responsibility to zero (subject to the Rules). In case of damage done by another vehicle, you bear no consequences, provided that the Rules had been followed.

What other services, apart from car rentals, does Panek JSC provide?
Apart from car rental, which is our main activity, we provide freight and passenger transport services, as well as a variety of services for companies dealing with car fleet management, details of which can be found in other subpages of our website. Moreover, we offer additional car accessories, such as GPS navigator or child safety seats.

At what times does Panek JSC rental office operate?
Our offices work from 9AM to 5PM on weekdeys and from 9AM to 1PM on Saturdays. Our services are provided in all other hours as well 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. An additional fee of 40 PLN is charged for the service outside working hours.

What if, due to traffic or other unpredicted delays or random cases, I arrive late and return the car after the return term fixed in the contract?
We have predicted such situation and, in order to meet our clients' expectations, have set a tolerance margin for random events, equal 59 minutes. Only after this time do we charge additional day of the rental.

Can the cars belonging to Panek JSC leave Poland?
Yes, our cars can move freely within the countries as: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, Lithuania. 

Can I rent a car if my driver's license has been issued by another country (e.g. Canada, UK, etc.)?
The issue of driver's licenses' validity is settled by the EU regulations for all EU countries and by the Vienna Convention rules for other counties. Owners of a driver's license other than the ones mentioned need to present an international driver's license.

What do I do, if the answer to my question is not here?
Should you have any more questions, please contact our hotline +48 665 800 000, which will redirect you to the person, who will surely answer your questions.

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