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Car rental in Krakow 
Do you need a car for your stay in Krakow? Your car broke? Or maybe you are an entrepreneur and your company’s fleet needs expansion? Bet on cooperation with the iPanek rental company, whose offer will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Check what our car rental offers at Galeria Krakowska Shopping Center – a facility located in the heart of the capital of Małopolska, in the immediate vicinity of the Main Market Square.

Do you need a car for a short time? Book online! 

Flexible contracts and pocket-friendly rates are the key features of short-term car rental. Galeria Krakowska Shopping Center is the place where you pick up the car you booked in advance. Booking is very simple – you only need to fill in the form on the iPanek rental website. You enter the date and time of renting and returning the vehicle, as well as specifying the place where you will pick up and return the car. The procedures are the same whether you are considering short-term private rental or corporate rental. Galeria Krakowska Shopping Center, where you pick up the car, does not have to be the place of its return. You can return the vehicle to one of our dozen points in the country. In the case of short-term contracts, we offer additional services to drivers, e.g. adding a second driver to the contract, as well as the option of setting a daily mileage limit of up to 100 km – then we reduce the price of the service.

Do you want to rent a car for a long term? It’s easy with iPanek! 

We provide long-term car rental in the Galeria Krakowska Shopping Center. It is a great alternative to leasing and purchasing a vehicle. This type of car use has many benefits. You do not bear the cost of losing the value of the vehicle over time, and we take care of matters related to insurance or inspections. These costs are borne by our company, which provides the car – for its own needs, as an individual customer, as well as for the expansion of the car fleet in your company. Fixed monthly installments are a huge advantage of long-term car rental. Galeria Krakowska Shopping Center is a place where our employees will provide you with information on this subject and advise you in choosing the best solution for you. Remember that rental fees: firstly – they do not lower your creditworthiness, secondly – as an entrepreneur, you will include them in tax deductible costs, which you will gain in the tax area.

Are you interested in car rental for indiviuals at Galeria Krakowska Shopping Center? Do you want to equip your company with modern and well-equipped cars? Be sure to check out the iPanek rental offer! We are waiting for you at Galeria Krakowska from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 13:00. You can also contact us by calling 665 800 000 or by sending an email to [email protected].