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How is car rental in Krakow? 

Do you need a car in Krakow? Regardless of whether it is necessary for private purposes or for the implementation of business plans, be sure to check what our car rental company offers. The M1 Shopping Center is one of the places in the capital of Małopolska, where the iPanek rental company has its office.
How to book a car online? 

One of the flagship services provided by the iPanek rental company is short-term car rental at the M1 Shopping Center. You can arrange all the formalities right away, but you can also do it online. On our website, there is a special form in which you specify the date, time and place of collection and return of the vehicle. In order to meet the expectations of customers, we give the opportunity to choose the location where car rental ends. Therefore, the M1 Shopping Center does not have to be both the pick-up point for the car and the place where you return it. You can choose from one of our several dozen points, of which a dozen are located at Polish airports. By booking your car online, you save a lot of valuable time. You will receive a vehicle that meets your requirements at your disposal. The rules of short-term rental at iPanek are clear and transparent.

Long-term car in Krakow from iPanek 

Just like short-term car rental, long-term car rental is equally popular. The M1 Shopping Center, which is one of the largest retail and service facilities in Krakow, attracts many customers who are eager to ask for the details of the service. Long-term car rental for companies at the M1 Shopping Center is particularly popular. Entrepreneurs often look for affordable ways to enrich their company’s fleet with modern, well-equipped vehicles without having to buy them. Long-term rental has many other advantages. It successfully replaces leasing, and the installment amount does not change throughout the duration of the contract. After its completion, it is enough to return the car to the rental company. In the case of long-term contracts in iPanek, there is a two-week notice period. Of course, the same rules apply when it comes to long-term car rental for private persons at the M1 Shopping Center. It is also worth remembering that rental installments do not reduce creditworthiness, and entrepreneurs can include them as company costs. The tenant does not incur many expenses that are invariably related to owning the car. We are talking here, among others about insurance, inspections, service, etc. The concern of our clients is also not the loss of value of the vehicle over time.

Car rental in iPanek runs very smoothly. We have prepared packages for our clients that differ in prices and content, which allows them to be precisely tailored to specific preferences. Visit our headquarters in Kraków M1 Shopping Center and check the details of the short- and long-term rental offer!