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Car rental in Warsaw 

Is buying a car an unjustified expense for you? So be sure to check what our car rental offers. Arkadia Shopping Center is one of the locations in Warsaw where the iPanek office is located. The capital is the largest market of transport services in Poland. We offer solutions for individual and business customers. Be sure to check what distinguishes our rental – we are a proven business partner with many years of experience and flexible solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

Car rental from iPanek in Warsaw – why is it worth it? 

Do you want to rent a car for private use? Are you interested in car rental for companies in Arkadia Shopping Center? It is worth deciding to cooperate with our company for several important reasons. Our fleet consists of modern, well-equipped and economic vehicles – not only passenger cars, but also trucks or even specialized ones. Our car rental prices are very attractive and the contracts are clear and transparent. We offer our clients a flexible choice of the period of using the service. Long-term car rental at Arkadia Shopping Center is very popular, but drivers also like to use the option of short-term car rental. Arkadia Shopping Center is, in any case, the perfect place where you can get all kinds of information about our offer. We will help you choose an option tailored exactly to your needs. We respect our clients’ time, so we focus on simplified solutions!

A car for a short or long term? Only from iPanek! 

Long-term car rental at Arkadia Shopping Center is an ideal solution for anyone who needs a car for a longer period without the need to purchase or lease it. In exchange for a monthly fee, the amount of which does not change throughout the rental period, you get a vehicle at your disposal, which you use on very attractive terms. If you are an entrepreneur, you will surely be pleased to know that you will count the expenses incurred for this purpose as tax deductible costs. In addition, they will not affect your company’s creditworthiness, which will make it easier for you to plan your budget and maintain financial liquidity. Or maybe you want to rent a car for a company for a few or several days or you are interested in short-term car rental for private persons? Arkadia Shopping Center is also an ideal place to complete the related formalities. You can also bring a pre-booked car here. There is a short booking form on the iPanek rental website. You set the date, time and place of pick-up and return of the vehicle, and we will prepare it especially for you!

In our office in Arkadia Shopping Center, we are waiting for you from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 13:00. Thanks to the cooperation with the iPanek company, you will see how easy it is to rent a car now!