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Are you coming to Warsaw and want to rent a car for a few days? Do you run a company and want to supply your fleet with modern, well-equipped cars? Or maybe your car broke down and you need four wheels for yourself? Thanks to cooperation with the iPanek car rental, you will achieve your goals – we have prepared an attractive rental offer, which is addressed to private individuals and business clients. You can find our rental point, e.g. at the Atrium Reduta Shopping Center in Warsaw, where you will take care of all the formalities related to the lease.

A car for a short term – you can book it online at iPanek! 

Among the many popular transport services that iPanek offers to its customers, there is short-term car rental. The Atrium Reduta Shopping Center is one of our branches in Warsaw, where you can pick up the vehicle you ordered earlier. The online car booking procedure is very simple and takes literally a few minutes. On our website there is a short form in which you should specify the place, date and time of collecting and returning the car. It is up to you where you end your short-term car rental – the Atrium Reduta Shopping Center does not have to be the point where you return the car. During the booking process, you choose one of the proposed cars and an insurance package, and then enter your details. Our fleet consists of efficient, fully prepared for driving cars ensuring high comfort and safety. The variety in this area allows you to adjust the vehicle to specific preferences. Regardless of whether you need a car for a weekend trip or for business purposes, in iPanek you will find a solution tailored to your expectations. With a daily limit not exceeding 100 km, you will receive an additional discount from us, thanks to which you will reduce the cost of the rental.

A car for a long term – you will find it in iPanek! 

Long-term car rental in iPanek, just like short-term rental, is aimed at a very wide range of customers. This is an excellent alternative to buying a car, which invariably involves increasing expenses – a large part of them must be incurred regardless of the frequency with which the vehicle is used. The long-term rental formula consists in making the car available in exchange for a monthly fee – you can easily adjust the price of the package to your financial capabilities. Long-term car rental for companies in the Atrium Reduta Shopping Center, as well as for individual customers, is a proven way to use a car for a minimum of one year on favorable terms. Long-term car rental is distinguished by numerous advantages and does not reduce creditworthiness.

The iPanek branch in the Atrium Reduta Shopping Center in Warsaw is located at Al. Jerozolimskie 148. This is a perfectly located retail and service facility with a very large area. We are waiting for you here from Monday to Saturday from 09:00-21:00 and on Sundays from 09:00-13:00.