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Car rental in Warsaw – where and how? 

Car rental is a service that is very popular in Warsaw. It is used by both private and business people. In this regard, it is worth establishing cooperation with an experienced and proven car rental company – King Cross Praga Shopping Center is one of the locations in Warsaw serviced by the iPanek car rental company.

Short-term car rental from iPanek – why is it profitable? 

There are several important reasons why it is worth choosing a short-term car rental. King Cross Praga Shopping Center is a popular retail and service facility in the capital, which is perfectly located. It is here that you will get all the information on short-term vehicle rental, as well as rent a car or pick up a previously ordered car. In order to make short-term vehicle rental easier for our customers, we have introduced an online booking option. On our website you will find a simple booking form. In it, you specify the place, date and time of collecting and returning the car, and then choose one of the vehicles proposed by us and provide your details. We offer short-term car rental for private individuals in the King Cross Praga Shopping Center, as well as for entrepreneurs – we have prepared attractive packages for all customers, which can be easily adapted to specific needs in terms of content and price. The services we provide are distinguished by attractive and transparent rental conditions and pocket-friendly rates. The iPanek fleet consists of modern, well-equipped and economical vehicles.

Long-term car rental from iPanek – why is it profitable? 

Long-term car rental includes contracts that are concluded for at least one year. It is worth opting for this form of rental instead of leasing or buying a vehicle to own. It works perfectly in many situations. Long-term car rental at the King Cross Praga Shopping Center is an option willingly chosen by entrepreneurs who are looking for a proven and inexpensive way to supply their company fleet. The big advantage of this solution is that it does not affect the reduction of creditworthiness. In addition, rental expenses can be included in tax deductible costs. Also private individuals can count on long-term car rental at the King Cross Praga Shopping Centre. The monthly installment of a fixed amount allows for free planning of the household budget. In return, you will receive an efficient and comfortable car at your disposal, which will guarantee driving comfort for you and your loved ones.

Make sure to come to us if you want to rent a vehicle for private use or if you are interested in renting cars for companies – in the King Cross Praga Shopping Center we are waiting for you from Monday to Saturday from 09:00-21:00 and on Sundays from 09:00: 00-13:00. Want to talk to our advisors? Call the number: 665800000. When you decide to use iPanek services, you will see how easy car rental can be