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Car rental in Warsaw

Do you want to rent a car in Warsaw for a short or long term? iPanek is a proven and experienced car rental – the Ursynów Shopping Center is one of the locations we serve in the capital. Here you will get all kinds of information and arrange the necessary formalities, as well as pick up the previously booked vehicle or return the car after the rental period.

How to book a car for a short term in Warsaw?

Short-term car rental in the Shopping Center CH Ursynów run by the iPanek rental company is a modern transport service that turns out to be irreplaceable in many situations. If you are planning a stay in Warsaw, going on a business trip or you cannot use your car for various reasons, short-term rental is the perfect option for you. It does not matter whether the vehicle is necessary for private or business purposes. We strive to make short-term car rental as easy as possible for our clients – the Ursynów Shopping Center is a great place to pick up a vehicle, which you can book in advance via the form on the website of our rental company. You should specify the date and date of the start and end of the rental – we will offer you various models of cars to choose from, thanks to which you will match the vehicle to your specific expectations and preferences. By setting a daily kilometer limit of up to 100 km, you can count on a reduction in the rental price. Filling out the form will take you literally a few minutes! We offer short-term car rental for private persons in the Shopping Center CH Ursynów and for entrepreneurs.

Long-term car rental in Warsaw

Are you interested in long-term car rental? The Ursynów Shopping Center is a great location in Warsaw, where one of our headquarters is located. The office is located on the main thoroughfares, so it’s easy to get to. Long-term car rental is a service with numerous advantages. This is an excellent way to use a vehicle without owning it, which is not always an option for a variety of reasons. In exchange for a monthly installment, the amount of which does not change throughout the term of the rental agreement, you get a functional and well-equipped car at your disposal. You do not have to worry about the decline in value, as well as issues related to insurance or service. The long-term car rental for companies in the Shopping Center of the Ursynów Shopping Center is especially favorable. Expenses for renting an entrepreneur can be counted as tax deductible costs, they also do not reduce creditworthiness. This is valuable for any person who runs their own business – maintaining liquidity is extremely important.

In the Shopping Center Ursynów in Warsaw you will find us from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 13:00. Come and check out our short and long-term car rental offer!