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How to rent a car in Warsaw? 

Warsaw is the largest market for transport services in Poland. This is where our car rental company operates – Galeria Mokotów Shopping Center is one of the points on the map of the capital, which are served by the iPanek company. We offer individual and business clients rental cars on flexible and transparent terms at an attractive price.

Book a car online in Warsaw! 

Are you planning to spend a few days in Warsaw? Your car went to the workshop? Or maybe you want to add to your company’s fleet on an ad hoc basis? The ideal solution in such a situation is short-term car rental. The Galeria Mokotów Shopping Center, one of the most popular retail and service facilities in Warsaw, is a place where you can arrange formalities and pick up or return the previously booked vehicle. Online booking is an option for customers who want to rent a car for private purposes and for those who are interested in short-term car rental for companies at Galeria Mokotów Shopping Center. There is a short form on the iPanek rental website – provide the date, time and place of collection and return of the vehicle. In Poland, iPanek has several dozen customer service points, therefore it is entirely up to you where you finish your car rental. Galeria Mokotów Shopping Center does not have to be the place for picking up and returning the car at the same time, which will certainly help you plan your trip. When booking online, you can choose additional services, such as renting a seat or adding a second driver to the contract. If you want to go abroad by car, be sure to let us know! By setting the daily mileage limit of up to 100 km, you will receive a discount from us!

Flexible long-term car rental in Warsaw 

The iPanek rental company also offers long-term car rental in the Galeria Mokotów Shopping Center. Our clients point out many advantages of this solution. First of all, it is the best proof that you do not have to own a car to be its user. Currently, functional and safe vehicles are necessary for both private and business purposes. A fixed monthly installment not only makes it easier to plan a home or business budget, but also does not reduce the creditworthiness of our clients. Moreover, entrepreneurs may classify rental expenses as tax deductible costs. Long-term car rental for private persons at the Galeria Mokotów Shopping Center is also very favorable. After the end of the contract, you simply return the car to the rental company, and for the duration of its term, you do not worry about the decrease in the value of the vehicle over time!

Our office located in the Galeria Mokotów Shopping Center is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 13:00. We encourage you to check our offer – cooperation with the iPanek rental company will bring you a lot of benefits!