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Car rental for companies and individuals in Warsaw 

Are you going to Wrocław and you need a car? Do you want to strengthen your company’s fleet? Is the purchase of a vehicle an unjustified expense for you for various reasons? In this arrangement, the ideal solution is the rental offered by our car rental company. Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Center is the perfect place where you can arrange the related formalities and obtain the necessary information and professional support in choosing the best solution for you.

Short-term car rental – book online! 

We have introduced the online booking option for drivers who are interested in short-term car rental. Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Center may be the place of collection or return of the previously booked vehicle. The booking form can be found on the iPanek rental website. You define the date, time and place of pick-up and return of the car, and we present you with proposals for vehicles to choose from. By the way, you also decide whether you want to take advantage of additional services, such as e.g. driving a rented car abroad, adding a co-driver to the contract or renting a child seat. You will get a discount if you set the daily mileage limit of up to 100 km. The short-term formula functions as a rental for individual clients and as a car rental for companies in the Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Center.

Long-term car rental from iPanek 

Our rental company also offers long-term car rental in the Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Center. It is an excellent alternative to the purchase of a vehicle that always entails a number of obligations and related expenses. Our clients indicate many advantages of long-term car rental at Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Center. Flexible terms of using the service, clear and transparent contracts and a modern fleet of comfortable and safe cars – this is what you can count on when establishing cooperation with the iPanek rental company. As an entrepreneur, you benefit twice as you can count the expenses for rent as tax deductible costs. In addition, they will not lower your company’s creditworthiness. We assure you that throughout the rental period, the amount of the monthly installment will not change, which allows you to freely plan your company or home budget. When renting a car from us, you do not have to worry, among others periodic vehicle inspections, repairs, service, insurance or loss of value of the car over time. We take care of it!

Do you want to support your company’s fleet? Are you the focus of car rental for private individuals? Arkady Wrocławskie Shopping Center is a retail and service facility located in the center of Wrocław, which is perfectly connected with other parts of the capital of Lower Silesia. We are here at your disposal throughout the week: from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 13:00. We guarantee that cooperation with the iPanek rental company will bring you the same benefits!