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Car rental in Wrocław 

Do you want to rent a car in Wrocław at an attractive price and on favorable terms? Be sure to check what our car rental has to offer in this respect. Dominikańska Shopping Center is one of the locations in the capital of Lower Silesia served by the iPanek company. We specialize in modern transport services addressed to a wide audience. Whether you need a vehicle for private or business purposes, you will find the right solution with us!

 Online car rental 

Car rental via the Internet is a convenience for drivers who are interested in short-term car rental. Dominikańska Shopping Center is a place where you can get all kinds of information about. Here you can also pick up your pre-booked vehicle. We have several dozen points all over the country where you can end your car rental. Dominikańska Shopping Center does not have to be the location where you will return your car. In the form on the iPanek rental website, you also specify the date and time of picking up and returning the vehicle. By the way, you can use our additional services, such as renting a child seat, including a co-driver in the contract or taking our car abroad. If you want to lower the price of the service, set a daily mileage limit of up to 100 km.

A long-term car? It’s easy with iPanek! 

We run long-term car rental in the Dominikańska Shopping Center – both as a service for entrepreneurs and as a car rental for private persons. Dominikańska Shopping Center is located in the center of Wrocław, between Plac Dominikański and ul. Czesław and Oławska. It is a very convenient location – the more so as it is one of the most popular retail and service facilities in the capital of Lower Silesia. Long-term rental is the best alternative to leasing and buying a car to own. You pay a fixed installment every month and you don’t have to worry about losing the value of your vehicle over time. We deal with issues related to insurance or service, and you save valuable time and money. After the end of the contract, you return the car to the rental company.  You will count the expenses for this purpose as tax deductible costs, and they will not affect the creditworthiness of your business. However, they will allow you to freely plan your budget without the risk of upsetting your financial liquidity.

Visit our office in the Dominikańska Shopping Center and see how easy it is to rent a car today – no matter what you need it for. We are here at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 13:00. As a proven business partner with many years of experience, we care for the highest standards of customer service!