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Car rental in Wrocław 

To Buy or to Lease? Or maybe it is worth choosing a car rental? The Sky Tower Shopping Center is an ideal place in Wrocław, where you can arrange the related formalities. It is up to you how long you will rent a car! Familiarize yourself with the offer of iPanek and choose the solution that suits your preferences in terms of price and content. You will receive professional support from us at all stages of cooperation.

Are you looking for a short-term car? Book it online! 

The online booking option is a convenience for those drivers who are interested in short-term car rental at the Sky Tower Shopping Center. Contact us and sign a contract! In order to streamline the procedures, you can make an appropriate reservation in advance. Just go to the iPanek rental website and fill out the form there. You specify the date, time and place of pickup and return of the vehicle, and we present you with suggestions for various cars. The rental fee is the result of several factors. It will also include additional services, if you use them, of course, e.g. renting a child seat or adding a co-driver to the contract. You can travel abroad with a vehicle rented from us, but you must inform us about it when booking! By setting the daily mileage limit up to 100 km, we lower the price of the service! When you rent a car for a short time, you don’t incur many costs of owning it. This way you save your time and money. This is true both when you rent a vehicle for business purposes and when it is possible to rent a car for private individuals. The Sky Tower Shopping Center does not have to be a vehicle pickup point – you can return it to one of several other locations we offer in Poland!

Do you need a car for longer? Nothing easier! 

We also run long-term car rental at the Sky Tower Shopping Center. This lease formula is most often used by entrepreneurs. There are many advantages of car rental for companies at the Sky Tower Shopping Center. It is, above all, a great alternative to owning and leasing a vehicle. It allows you to use the car on a very flexible basis – on the basis of a clear and transparent contract. you do not care about the loss of value of the car over time, as well as issues related to, among others with refueling or service. When renting a car for a company, you will count the expenses for the purpose as tax deductible costs, and they will not affect the creditworthiness of your business.

Be sure to check what our car rental at the Sky Tower Shopping Center has to offer. We are waiting for you here from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 13:00. This facility is located in the very center of Wrocław, so you will definitely get here without any problems! As a proven business partner, we guarantee the highest standards of service!