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A rental car not only for holidays

Rent a Car, most Poles associate them with a small family business, somewhere on a Greek island or other holiday region, where you can rent a car to explore nearby tourist attractions on your own. It turns out, however, that car rental companies are also a powerful enterprise that offers a whole range of services for both private individuals and companies.  

Long-term rent. 

The service offered by PANEK, a leading player on the Rent a Car market for 21 years, has grown in importance in recent months. First of all, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly revised the holiday plans of Poles who have started to spend their holidays in the country more willingly, and thus travel by car, secondly, Polish companies and global concerns, for which until recently a passenger car was treated as a benefit to the workplace, today they want use it as a work tool and only to the extent that it is actually needed. Leasing has therefore become an option that is too long and not comprehensive enough, while long-term rental offered by CFM companies and dealers, although interesting due to the completeness of the offer, also turns out to be less attractive, and the installment amount depends on many factors, such as loss of value vehicle during the term of the contract, annual mileage or the amount of own payment which is a percentage of the initial value of the car.

Full service option 

The main advantage of PANEK Rent a Car is offering customers car rental services that are physically owned by the operator. At the moment, when the whole world is struggling with the crisis in the semiconductor market, and subsequent car manufacturers are limiting or completely stopping production, PANEK is able to provide immediate access to the service. Several thousand cars are available in the “on demand” mode, and the simplified rental procedure means that the company is able to provide vehicles to its customers practically overnight. Another advantage, especially in comparison with leasing, is the fact that long-term rental at PANEK Rent a Car is a comprehensive service including all benefits. Under the contract, the customer receives not only a car, but also insurance, assistance, service and periodic inspections. In the event of a road incident, the company provides the customer with continuous mobility, providing a replacement car to the scene of the collision, which he will be able to continue driving and replacing it as soon as possible with a vehicle compliant with the rental contract. This is an extremely important aspect that constitutes a serious argument in favor of the Rent a Car option. The rental price is fixed and does not include additional fees in the form of initial payments, constituting a percentage of the car value. The only additional amount is a deposit with the value of the monthly lease, which is a form of security for the contract and is returned to the customer at the end of the rental contract.

Company fleet on request 

The biggest challenge for CFM companies today is the acquisition of vehicles for leasing and rental services. Delays in deliveries reach even six months, and the prospects for the coming year are even worse. European manufacturers, who reduced production as a result of the pandemic, also reduced the supply of components, especially electronics. Today, this is reflected in the hiccups of not being able to buy parts at all, so the supply of new cars is under severe threat.

“The global crisis in the semiconductor industry is beginning to affect the automotive sector in Poland. There is a shortage of cars on the market, and those offered by dealers are increasingly annotated about an unspecified delivery date. This situation causes enormous problems in the functioning of many companies that must ensure the mobility of their employees. PANEK Rent a Car has a fleet of real vehicles available here and now, which is why our offer has met with great interest among business customers. It happens more and more often that a vehicle in a company is needed for a period shorter than a full leasing contract, usually for 3, 4 or even 5 years, ”said Mateusz Kaim, Sales Manager at PANEK Rent a Car. “The Covid-19 pandemic has also clearly shown that the transition to remote work is not a fiction at all, and maintaining a fleet of several hundred cars becomes a heavy financial burden for the company, while employees perform most of their duties online. It turned out that you no longer have to go to the other side of the country to talk about business or discuss production plans. The car in the company has become an expensive investment, and you can significantly reduce these costs by renting a car only for the period when it is actually needed and without incurring costs, for example, the loss of value of the vehicle during long-term rental. PANEK Rent a Car constantly offers several thousand cars available immediately, and as a nationwide company, we are able to provide the client with access to the rental service practically anywhere. ” – adds Mateusz Kaim.

Rental tailored to the customer  

The PANEK Rent a Car offer is addressed to companies that want to provide full mobility to their employees at a specific time. There are many time options available, the most cost effective of which is a 12 month service. This is the best solution in terms of monthly rental costs. An example calculation shows that compared to a 3-month contract, the customer is able to save an amount equal to one monthly installment per year


AUT SUV class – SEAT ATECA 5d 1.5 TSI 150 KM, DSG

Rental option: 3 months, full package, monthly limit of 3000 km, installment PLN 2120  net

Rental option: 12 months, full package, monthly limit of 3000 km, installment PLN 1944 net

Calculating the monthly cost per year, the savings for the client are PLN 2112 net.

We invite you to contact PANEK Rent a Car specialists who will tailor the offer to your needs and propose the best solutions for your company. Contact: [email protected]