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BMW 118i – the driving experience

From the outside, the BMW 118i is a real eye-catcher with its compact lines and predatory character. Although the 1 Series is the smallest BMW in the range, the driving characteristics are in no way inferior to the larger models, and the fact that the 118i is equipped with front-wheel drive may paradoxically attract new users to the brand who would like to feel the sporting spirit of the brand, but so far not very favorably they looked at the classic rear-wheel drive. 

After taking the seat behind the wheel, we feel that we have got into a car with a sports pedigree. The sportily shaped seats offer a great deal of comfort, but the perfect lateral support allows the body to assume an ergonomic posture that will not tire you even on long journeys. The seat is slightly inclined towards the buttocks, thanks to which the thighs receive effective support along their entire length. The small steering wheel fits perfectly in the hands, and its strong profiling in the middle part ensures a firm and safe grip.

Cars under the sign of the spinning propeller have embodied the sporting spirit and the joy of driving from the very beginning. It is no different in the case of the BMW 118i, available from PANEK Rent a Car. It is true that a supercharged 3-cylinder gasoline engine with a capacity of 136 HP works under its hood and many drivers may say that it is not much, but after driving the first kilometers it turns out that this city hatchback is not a problem at all. The engine torque of 220 Nm is available in the range of 1500 – 4100 rpm, which with a curb weight of 1365 kg gives quite good performance and flexibility on the road. This is also confirmed by the catalog data, which shows that the first 100 km / h appears on the odometer after 8.8 seconds, and the top speed is determined at 213 km / h.

How does a BMW front-wheel drive drive? The answer is extremely simple: Exactly the same as any other car, and maybe even a little better. BMW has prepared a surprise for users and tuned the suspension of the 118i, similar to the MINI (in the 5-door model), which is the iconic brand belonging to BMW today, and famous for its incredible grip and precision steering. The BMW is obviously a bit longer than the MINI and has a wheelbase of 10 cm longer, but these parameters only contribute to more spaciousness in the cabin.

So driving is pure pleasure and we especially recommend taking the BMW 118i to the Great Bieszczady Loop, which we wrote about last week, or to the famous Masurian serpentines, where the front of the car bites into the surface at every turn, ensuring unparalleled safety. The ease of negotiating successive curves causes the driver to lose vigilance and begin to appear nonchalance, so we would like to remind you that the public road is not a racetrack, and the autumn views are best viewed while driving calmly. Then we have a chance to see more details describing the beauty of the October weather.

The car is also great in the urban jungle, where its small dimensions and maneuverability come to the fore. In the case of a rental car, the low fuel consumption is also important, which on the road fluctuates between 6 – 7 liters per 100 kilometers, and in the city it should not exceed 8 l / 100 km.

The BMW 118i available from PANEK Rent a Car gives a lot of fun on narrow roads, but also does not tire the driver in a traffic jam or driving calmly along the highway. The BMW 118i with a 136 hp supercharged engine and automatic transmission will certainly be a good choice not only for autumn trips outside the city.