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Alfa Romeo Tonale at PANEK Rent a Car

There is a saying that only someone who has driven an Alfa Romeo in their life can be called a real driver. We have excellent news for all drivers and enthusiasts, because several dozen Alfa Romeo Tonale cars have just joined the PANEK Rent a Car rental fleet.

Measuring 4.5 meters, the Italian beauty is classified on the border between urban and family SUVs. It is slightly smaller than its older sister Stelvio, but it presents all the characteristics of the brand, such as: charisma, emotion and sportiness. It is also one of the most anticipated market novelties. The production version of the car was presented in 2020, but two years of the pandemic froze production and shipment to customers. And finally it happened, you can rent Alfa Romeo Tonale at PANEK rental. Cars are available in short-term rental and in long-term packages for companies.

Safe and comfortable – Alfa Romeo Tonale in PANEK rental

It is a tradition that cars available in PANEK rental are equipped with a set of systems responsible for driving safety. On board were, among others: autonomous emergency braking system detecting pedestrians and cyclists, driver fatigue detection system, active lane keeping system and adaptive cruise control. The extensive multimedia system with Tom Tom satellite navigation and road sign detection system has not been forgotten. One of the most interesting amenities is the alert of leaving people or objects on the back sofa. In addition, customers can count on a number of amenities in the field of driving comfort. The comfort of traveling at night will be ensured by the adaptive Full LED headlights with the High Beam system that prevents dazzling other drivers, and on cold days a pleasant atmosphere will be ensured by the dual-zone air conditioning and heated seats, and the phone can be charged thanks to the inductive charger located under the armrest.

Ecologically under the hood – Alfa Romeo Tonale at PANEK rental

The Tonale is the first Alfa Romeo model to boast a hybrid powertrain based on a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine with a capacity of 130 hp, assisted by a small 20 hp electric motor that mainly functions as a starter and alternator. Interestingly, in the Alfa Romeo SUV, the electric motor is involved in propelling the car, giving an additional 50 Nm of torque, and during parking maneuvers and slow driving in traffic jams, it allows you to cover a short distance only in zero-emission mode. The Alfa Romeo Tonale T4 Hybrid is no speed demon, but the efficient powertrain coupled with the 7-speed automatic transmission allows you to move around the city efficiently. The car will also work well on a longer trip, offering low fuel consumption during a quiet ride.

Alfa Romeo Tonale is available in the SUV Automat group and can be rented at the PANEK Rent a Car car rental company at a price of PLN 122 net / day.