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Brno – new PANEK office in the Czech Republic 

Brno is the third city in the Czech Republic, after Prague and Ostrava, where the PANEK Rent a Car car rental office has its office. The point is located in the main hall of the Brno-Turany airport and is a great base for traveling around South Moravia – one of the most interesting tourist regions in Europe. 

Brno – The capital of South Moravia

The city is the capital of the region and its history dates back to prehistoric times. Brno flourished twice: the first time in the late Middle Ages and the second time in the middle of the 19th century, along with the industrial revolution. In 1839, a railway line was brought here from Vienna, and then a telegraph network. In 1846, the city was illuminated by gas lanterns, and in 1900, an electric tram was launched on the streets. It was here that in 1992 the decision to divide Czechoslovakia was made.

One of the most important monuments of Brno is the Spilberk Fortress rising above the city on a hill 290 meters above sea level. Throughout its existence, it bravely defended the city and only surrendered under the pressure of Napoleon’s army in the 19th century. Today there is a museum here.

It is also worth visiting the medieval cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and the ossuary at the church of St. James and the crypt in the Capuchin Monastery, where the mummified corpses of the monks and benefactors of the order are kept. You can’t deny yourself a walk around the Old Town, the uniqueness of which is marked by a triangular market square surrounded by interesting, richly decorated tenement houses. The most famous of them is the “House of Four Gburami”, supported by statues of four Atlanteans. Just like the famous Italian Pisa, Brno also has its leaning tower, or rather a turret, located above the entrance to the historic Town Hall from 1240, and just like Krakow, it has its Dragon. While walking around Brno, you can come across baroque statues and fountains, and Denis Gardens – the most beautiful park in the city – is a must-see. 

Macocha sinkhole and Moravian Karst

A little north of Brno there is a natural attraction worth seeing. It is an abyss called the Macocha Zapadliska, about 130 meters deep, at the bottom of which a tiny, emerald lake has formed. Here you can also explore picturesque caves, and most of the route is done by boat.

Breclav – Former seat of the Liechtenstein family

This small town is named after the Czech prince Bretislav. In the Middle Ages, there was an important stronghold here, and several interesting monuments have survived to this day. The most interesting is the Liechstenstein Palace, which owes its current appearance to the imagination of the owners who lived here in the 19th century.

Lednice-Valtice – two chateaux and a garden

The heritage of the Liechtenstein family covers an area of ​​several dozen square kilometers, on which there is room for two palaces, gardens and ponds. The Gothic castles were later rebuilt in the Classicist and Baroque style. The residence in Valtice presents the Baroque style, and the one in Lednice is a rare, neo-Gothic English one. It is worth spending some time here walking and admiring the beautiful park, also known as the “Garden of Europe”. 

Mikulov – Castle, chapels and wine

This small town, 50 km away from Brno, lying on the Czech-Austrian border, is known to everyone who travels by car to the south of Europe. It is worth staying here for longer, because Mikulov is one of the most charming towns in southern Moravia, and not only because of the castle complex. Right next to it rises the Holy Hill, and on the way to the top you will meet four chapels. The road to the top is quite steep, but the views are worth the effort. The city is known for its fine wine and endless vineyards growing in the surrounding hills.