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ATTENTION! From June 1, 2021 changes in road traffic regulations

The first day of June 2021 is not only Children’s Day. On this day, the rules of road traffic regulations, and more specifically the right of way at pedestrian crossings, change significantly. The changes also apply to speed limits, as well as the so-called “driving on a bumper”. At PANEK CarSharing, we care about your safety, so we explain the changes in the regulations. 


Pedestrian with priority at crossings 

Until now, according to the regulations, the pedestrian, who was already on the lanes, had priority. From June 1, priority will also be given to pedestrians who are just approaching the crossing, so drivers will have to be even more vigilant around intersections and pedestrian crossings. Drivers will now have an absolute obligation to let pedestrians through, so we recommend that you reduce your speed and be very careful. The exception is crossing the track. In this case, it is not pedestrian, but the tram has the right of way and it is worth remembering. This serious change in regulations does not mean, however, that pedestrians in this situation will only have privileges. A person using a pedestrian crossing may not use a mobile phone or smartphone at this time, as well as other electronic devices that could distract him. A pedestrian must also take off their headphones if, for example, they are currently listening to music.

A fine for “driving on a bumper” 

The Road Traffic Act also introduces a safe distance behind the vehicle in front. Driving on a so-called bumper will now be fined. So what distance should be kept on motorways and expressways? The legislator set its value at half the speed expressed in km / h, i.e. if we are moving at a speed of 100 km / h, we should keep a distance of 50 meters. Of course, the distance can be reduced during the overtaking maneuver.

Slower at night The third shift, very important from the point of view of drivers in built-up areas, and also most users of cars per minute in PANEK CarSharing, is the lifting of the increased speed limit between 23:00 and 5:00. Until now, there was a speed limit of 60 km / h in the built-up area at night. From June 1, 2021, we will be able to move in built-up areas with a maximum speed of 50 km / h around the clock, unless the signs allow a different speed.

Remember that safety is the most important thing, and each of us is a driver at one moment and a pedestrian at the other, so we urge you to be careful and enjoy driving PANEK CarSharing cars