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PANEK Rent a Car wins the Rentalcars.com Customer Favourite Award

There are days when all the effort put into hard work ceases to matter, and a smile and pride appear on your face that our dedication and efforts to provide the best quality of services have been noticed by you. Today, we allow ourselves to stand up with our heads held high and stick out our breasts for the order, because we have just received the news that we have received the Rentalcars.com Customer Favorite Award for 2020! 


PANEK Rent a Car is a  Polish company that has been providing the highest quality car rental services for over 20 years. It has a modern fleet of over 2,000 cars that meet the highest safety standards in terms of technology, but a very important aspect is also the impact of vehicles on the environment, hence the principle that the car in the offer should not be older than 3 years, must meet the Euro 6 emission standards. In the PANEK Rent a Car fleet, the percentage of hybrid and electric cars is also increasing.

Maciej Ziółkowski – Director of the Rental Network at PANEK Rent a Car: “We are present in 34 locations throughout the country, and offices are located in city centers, shopping centers, and airports. Based on customer reviews posted on Rentalcars.com and Booking.com, the award is given, which further increases its rank. It is the highest evaluation of our work and appreciation by customers, giving us the greatest satisfaction and strength to act. We want to be the best for you, for your comfort and safety. PANEK Rent a Car is a fleet of over 2,000 modern and safe cars that we prepare according to the highest standards. We are proud that our clients appreciated us in the extremely difficult pandemic year for the tourism industry, the pandemic year 2020. It means that our work and efforts make sense. “

The Customer Favorite Award 2020 and the golden laurel are awarded today to the employees of the PANEK Rent a Car office at the Szczecin-Goleniów airport. However, the sporting anger in our other offices has been unleashed. “We are glad that this year’s competition will be even more fierce than usual and we hope you will appreciate our efforts not only in Szczecin but also in offices all over Poland. Fantastic people are waiting for you, who are motivated and professional. They are the beneficiaries of this year’s Rentalcars.com award and they all deserve applause. I hope that we will be able to show our best side also in 2021, on the tourism market that is rebuilding after the Covid-19 pandemic, “adds Maciej Ziółkowski.

Booking.com and its group’s Rentacars.com portal are the largest booking platforms used by travel customers around the world. Based on their opinions, we analyze our actions and try to be closer and closer to the ideal. We have calculated that in 2020 alone, PANEK Rent a Car customers traveled over 52,000,000 kilometers with our cars, which would allow them to circle the globe 1,300 times! In 2021, we are prepared to beat this result, introduce new cars to the service and look forward to the summer season. Thank you for choosing PANEK Rent a Car and for the trust you place in us.


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