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Bieszczady – you can ski there too

Undiscovered and mysterious – Bieszczady. A place where everyone would like to escape to, hiding from the world and civilization. It turns out that the south-eastern edge of Poland is not so inaccessible and offers many winter attractions and well-prepared slopes, which you can reach by a car rented from PANEK Rent a Car. 

Those who have already visited the Bieszczady Mountains in the winter say that Ustrzyki Dolne is the ski capital of the Bieszczady Mountains. Looking at the infrastructure and the preparation of the routes this may be true. There are two ski stations here: Gromadzyń and Laworta Ski. They are not as impressive as those in Białka Tatrzańska and Szczyrk, they certainly do not match those in Karpacz and Krynica, but it is intimate and you can easily learn to ski or snowboard.

Ustrzyki Dolne 

The Laworta Ski ski resort offers skiers 6 ski runs with a total length of 3 km. The two longest runs for advanced skiers are 1,250 m and 1,150 m long, respectively. The slope is illuminated and works until 20.00. There is, of course, a children’s area, a restaurant and a parking lot for your car from PANEK Rent a Car. The second ski resort in Ustrzyki Dolne is Gromadzyń, with 5 ski lifts. One of them is an almost kilometer long chairlift, and the others are T-bar lifts leading to a 1020 m long slope. There are two restaurants on the slope serving snacks and regional dishes. The slope is also illuminated.

Bieszczady – rest of the world 

Other places where you can ski are Kalnica with a 800 m long ski slope, Karlików with two 1100 m long T-bar lifts, 900 m long Kiczera Ski Slope in Puławy and the demanding Bystre slope, which is the only one in the Bieszczady Mountains approved by the FIS . In Arłamów, you can ride a 500-meter long slope and relax in a luxurious hotel. We recommend Bieszczady to less advanced skiers and people who go to the mountains not only to shoot the best times on the slopes, but also who want to enjoy the breathtaking views of the still virgin mountains. You can easily go skiing and relax in numerous apartments and hotels, including very luxurious ones. You can reach all these places with safe cars from PANEK Rent a Car. Be sure to check the rental offer, because the models also include all-wheel drive cars.