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Long-term rental PANEK Rent a Car – Full service option

The main market advantage of PANEK Rent a Car is offering customers car rental services that are physically owned by the operator. At the moment, when the whole world is struggling with the crisis in the semiconductor market, and other car manufacturers are limiting or completely stopping production, PANEK is able to provide immediate access to the service. Several thousand cars are available in the “on demand” mode, and the simplified rental procedure makes it possible to rent at PANEK Rent a Car practically overnight.

 Another advantage, especially in comparison with leasing, is the fact that long-term rental at PANEK Rent a Car is a comprehensive service including all benefits, and the client receives one monthly invoice. Under the contract, the rental user receives not only a car, but also insurance along with an assistance service, service and periodic inspections. In the event of a road accident, the company provides the customer with continuous mobility, providing a replacement car to the scene of the collision, which he will be able to continue driving and replacing it as soon as possible with a vehicle compliant with the rental agreement. This is an extremely important aspect that constitutes a serious argument in favor of the Rent a Car option. The rental price is fixed and does not include additional fees in the form of initial payments, constituting a percentage of the car value. The only security for the long-term rental agreement is a monthly deposit, which is returned to the client at the end of the rental agreement. In order to discuss the details, please contact the Sales Manager of PANEK Rent a Car services. Mateusz Kaim will surely match the best solution for your company.