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BMW 118i in our fleet

BMW cars have always been associated with sport and driving pleasure. Although the German brand in the case of the new 1 Series decided to overturn some of its ideals and opted for front-wheel drive, it also opened a new chapter in its history called “Spaciousness”. The latest BMW 118i hatchbacks have just arrived at PANEK Rent a Car. 

You can’t fool your genes 

The silhouette of the new “Jedynka” has changed significantly compared to its predecessor. The car, of course, remained a hatchback, but the sharp contours of the body and clear embossing of the sideline give it a distinct character. Stylistically, the BMW 118i strongly resembles the latest 3 Series, but retains its small, modest “nose”. BMW has recently scared the fans of the brand with huge grills in the refreshed 7 and 4 series, and here is a nice surprise – it’s nice and classic … in Bavarian. The low roofline that slopes gently to the rear is calm and dynamic at the same time. The taillights cannot be confused with any other brand, and the sporty genes are confirmed by the prominent tailgate spoiler.

The interior, in line with the long-standing philosophy of the Bavarian brand, is tailor-made. The cockpit is facing the driver, with all knobs and switches within easy reach. The front seats have a sporty character but retain a huge dose of comfort. It is impossible to sit here like in a club chair, but the “One” is supposed to be a city hatchback and it is closer to a track predator than a couch dog. A few-hour drive on the motorway will not cause back pain, and the small, fleshy steering wheel gives good support for your hands.

There will be room for two adults in the back, but it would be nice if they weren’t volleyball players. There is also exactly as much space here and not an inch more. The backrest has the perfect angle for the back and is additionally profiled in such a way that passengers feel confident when cornering. The trunk with a capacity of 380 liters seems extremely spacious, and additionally has perfectly even shapes, which has a positive effect on the transport capacity. The backrests of the seats are divided and folded, so you can be tempted to transport longer items or sports equipment.

3 cylinders on doping 

Under the hood of the Bavarian toddler there is a 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder, supercharged gasoline engine, which was combined with an automatic 6-speed Steptronic transmission. The drive is transferred to the front wheels and it should be mentioned here that this is the beginning of a completely new story for the manufacturer, famous for its classic rear-drive. The drive unit develops 136 hp, and a torque of 220 Nm is achieved at just 1,500 rpm. After starting, the engine behaves like a young Russell Terrier who wants to play all the time. The drive unit is very eager to speed up and it turns out that it accelerates the city BMW quite efficiently. The first 100 km / h appears on the meter after 8.9 seconds, and the top speed of 213 km / h seems more than enough. In addition, the car turns out to be extremely economical on the road. During calm, which is not synonymous with slow driving, the computer will show fuel consumption of 5 l / 100 km without asking too much, which is very good news for all customers of PANEK Rent a Car. BMW is known for the production of sports cars that are suspended rather rigidly.

And here is another surprise, because the shock absorbers simply suppress unevenness perfectly. No hearing from the side of the wheels no disturbing noises and no vibrations are transmitted to the steering wheel. The car remains compact, resilient, and easy to drive. Words of appreciation are also due to the brakes that effectively slow down the muscular body of a Bavarian and do not get tired at all. The BMW 118i, although in many elements it seems to contradict its classic sports genome, it turns out to be an extremely handy and easy-to-drive car, and although the engine is “missing” at least one cylinder, and the front-drive seems to be a profane, a large amount of space in the cabin, a large trunk and excellent driving characteristics make up for the “betrayal of Bavarian ideals”. We cordially invite you to choose a new BMW 118i at PANEK Rent a Car. Beautifully configured and well-equipped models are already recommended in branches throughout the country.


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