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Audi A6 – driving experience

The Audi A6 40 TDI available in PANEK Rent a Car made its debut on the Polish market in 2018. The elegant model immediately found recognition among customers and achieved success in no time. You can read about driving a limousine from Ingolstadt below. 

It goes without saying that the almost five-meter sedan body is eye-catching and captivates with its elegant, calm lines. The silhouette, however, hides a large dose of dynamics and strength, which is emphasized especially in the area of ​​the fenders, which are emphasized in such a way that they resemble the first Audi quattro – a car that changed the automotive world.

Optimal driveline 

The Audi A6 40 TDI available from PANEK Rent a Car is equipped with a 204 HP two-liter turbo-charged diesel engine, mated to a 7-speed S-tronic automatic transmission. The driveline is handled by an advanced quattro system that intelligently directs power and torque to individual axles and wheels. The first feeling that appears as soon as you start driving is the lightness with which the Audi A6 accelerates. The high torque of 400 Nm is available in the rev range 1700-3000, so that the acceleration in each of the gears is really felt. The smooth running of the driveline is achieved thanks to the S-tronic 7-speed automatic transmission. The program controlling her work is a masterpiece of computer science. The individual gears are changed in a velvety and virtually imperceptible manner. If it were not for the tachometer pointer shift on the virtual instrument cluster, the driver might not have realized that the gearbox had shifted. Additionally, the whole process is very quick and the reaction to the “kickdown” is immediate and causes the car to be launched forward. The sporting spirit of Audi only wakes up when Dynamic mode is activated. The gearbox shifts gears with a sharp jerk, imitating high-performance, sequential racing gearboxes. The driving feel becomes more direct and responsive and the driver feels physically connected to the machine.

Radars, cameras, sensors… 

The Audi A6 40 TDI has been designed to overcome long distances and it feels best on the left lane of the highway. The perfectly soundproofed interior perfectly isolates passengers from the outside world, and a nice audio system allows you to completely relax. Audi’s assistance systems are important in terms of comfort and safety. The lane-keeping system and adaptive cruise control are the automotive “Champions League”. A computer assisted by sensors, cameras and radars analyzes what is happening around the vehicle and adapts to the current conditions. The car does not maneuver around the lane, but is kept exactly in the middle of it, and the system can handle even more difficult turns. The presence of the systems does not, of course, exempt from the obligation to drive, but the awareness of the presence of the virtual “Guardian Angel” cannot be overestimated.

Interior for the times 

The most important aspect of creating a bond between the driver and the vehicle is the individual feeling in contact with the car. The Audi A6 must not have any complexes in this field. Not only does the car look beautiful from the outside (the car was designed by a Polish designer – Parys Cybulski), the interior is just a small salon where you want to spend a few hours. The huge and divinely comfortable armchairs have been designed according to the best principles of ergonomics and are second to none in this class. Both a basketball player and a wrestler will feel good here they will hardly find the perfect driving position. In the back, no one will complain about the lack of space for knees or head. In terms of space, it is simply luxurious here, and the comfort of the sofa is at the highest level. We will write about the technology hidden in the Audi A6 control panel in the next part of the car of the month cycle, but it is worth mentioning today that the German limousine tastes of the touch.

The Audi A6 40 TDI available from PANEK Rent a Car is a complete vehicle. It will work as a business limousine and family sedan for a long journey. Under the elegant body, there is the most modern technology that supports the driver in a discreet way and makes us feel good in the German limousine.