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FIAT 500 hybrid for rent

Today, everyone wants to drive a large and comfortable SUV, but when using a car in the city, shouldn’t we rather pay attention to smaller models, designed to deal with the difficult art of parking in crowded city centers? The stylish FIAT 500 with hybrid power units under the hood has just joined the fleet of PANEK Rent a Car. 

The first FIAT 500 from 1957 almost immediately became a cult, not only because it motorized post-war Italy, but also because it is clearly associated with the unique atmosphere of the country located on the Apennine Peninsula. The car was produced in an almost unchanged form until 1976, offering space for 4 adults. After 31 years from the end of the production of the tiny “Pięścetka”, the FIAT concern has revived its legend and did it again perfectly, because customers all over the world were simply crazy about it. 

Italian style for everyday use  PANEK Rent a Car has received a fleet of cars in the “Dolcevita” version, ie with two-color upholstery, dashboard and a steering wheel in light shades of beige and ecru. The impressions after taking a seat in the cabin are truly luxurious. The interior is bright, cozy and elegant, and the finishing materials are of good quality. In addition, recycled raw materials were used for the production of plastics, of which up to 10% was obtained from the seas and oceans. The 7-inch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is responsible for multimedia.  The interior of the Fiat 500 rental company can easily accommodate 4 people, although we are aware that the rear seats will be used only occasionally. The luggage compartment has a capacity of 185 liters, and the backrests of the rear seats can be folded down, thus increasing the transport capacity of the little Italian 

Ecology under the hood  Under the hood of the Fiat 500 from the PANEK rental company there is a 1-liter, 69 HP petrol engine, supported by the so-called “soft Hybrid” system, i.e. an electric motor that plays the role of a starter and alternator at the same time. This solution does not allow for emission-free driving, but by efficiently recovering energy from braking, it improves the efficiency of the combustion engine and reduces fuel consumption, which manufacturers are fighting so much today, especially in city cars.  The most important thing, however, is how you travel in a small Fiat 500 from PANEK Rent a Car. This extremely manoeuvrable and nice car is perfect for driving in a big city. Its small size allows it to squeeze into practically any place, or rather half a parking space. SUVs and even hatchbacks can only dream of such a possibility. In addition, it accelerates well in terms of city speeds, so there is no concern about whether we can keep up with other road users. It is also important that the car only evokes sympathy in others, so we ourselves will be perceived as friendly, cheerful and trustworthy people.  Cars can be booked at the number: +48 665 800 000