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Lubuskie is the second smallest voivodeship in Poland after Opole. It is inhabited by about 1 million inhabitants, but it offers a lot of attractions that we are not able to describe in this text. However, we encourage you to visit this region, especially in September, when the grapes are ready for harvest, and the capital of the voivodeship – Zielona Góra becomes the arena of the largest wine event in this part of Europe. Well-equipped cars from PANEK Rent a Car are recommended for weekend trips. 

Ujście Warty National Park – an ornithological paradise  Covering an area of ​​over 8,000 hectares, the Ujście Warty National Park attracts visitors with its fascinating and completely virgin meadows, swamps and wetlands. When planning a visit to the park, you should equip yourself with good binoculars or a camera with a telephoto lens, because this green land is home to many rare species of birds, including aquatic warblers and black terns. Complete silence and the landscapes changing with the time of day introduce tourists to a fairy-tale atmosphere that you do not want to leave.  Muskauer Park – a vision of an eccentric prince  Situated on both sides of the Polish-German border on the Nysa Łużycka River, near the towns of Łęknica and Muskau, the park is one of the greatest attractions of the Lubuskie region. Founded in the first half of the nineteenth century by the Prussian aristocrat Hermann von Pückler-Muskau, it was revitalized, and in 2004 the building was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The German and Polish side of the park is connected by two historic bridges: Parkowy and English, and on site you can admire a beautiful palace, and the entire area is divided into several parts: Park Górki, Arboretum, Spa Park, Folwark and others. 

Łuk Mużakowa Geopark – post-industrial world  Right next to the Muskauer Park there is a former opencast mine where coal and ceramic clays were mined until the mid-1970s. The area has been revitalized, and the richness of geological forms, attractive quays and the amazing red color of the water make us feel like on a different planet.  The Trail of Wooden Churches of the Goat Region – the most beautiful and the oldest  On the 23-kilometer trail, we find three extremely interesting buildings – churches in Chlastawa, Klępsk and Kosieczyn. The oldest of the three is the Gothic-Renaissance church in Klępsk, dating from 1367. In turn, the Church in Chlastawa, built in 1637, the church in Chlastawa is considered a class “0” monument. Together with the gate-bell tower and the former cemetery, it creates a beautiful sacred complex with unique historical values. The last church on the list in Kosieczyn from 1408 is the second oldest wooden church in Poland. 

Lubusz wine and honey route – something for the body and soul  The wine-growing traditions of the Lubuskie region date back to ancient times, but after World War II, wine production almost completely died out. However, the beautiful tradition was rebuilt and in 2007 the Lubuski Wine and Honey Trail was officially opened. In the picturesque vineyards you can not only taste local wine and regional specialties, but also listen to the history of specific vineyards and talk to owners who are eager to talk about their passion.  Międzyrzecki Fortified Region – traces of history  This impressive system of fortifications was built in the 1930s and 1940s and its task was to protect the eastern border of the Third Reich. In the Międzyrzecz Fortified Region, extending over a distance of about 100 kilometers, there are unique military facilities and the largest network of underground fortifications in the world. The corridors are 35 kilometers long in total, and the constant humidity and temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius have proved to be ideal for the existence of many species of bats. It is because of the protection of these interesting mammals that most of the underground is open to tourists only in the spring and summer and early autumn.  Today we have described only some of the attractions of the Lubuskie Voivodeship, but we encourage you to discover this beautiful region on your own. Safe and comfortable cars from PANEK Rent a Car are perfect for this. Reservations can be made at the telephone number: +48 665 800 000