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Ford PUMA – inconspicuous SUV with great possibilities

Drivers love the Ford for its perfect handling and class-leading suspension for maximum driving pleasure and a unique sense of security. The Focus has become a benchmark for steering precision since the launch of the first generation, and nothing has changed since downsizing in the third generation and introducing it to the range of 3-cylinder engines. The purists were tearing their hairs back then, claiming that the world was over and that it was the final disaster, and yet the tiny, one-liter EcoBoost engines continued for kilometers and there is no indication that it would end. 

Small SUV 

Older drivers will certainly remember the first generation of the Ford Puma when this nice car was a small sports coupe. Today, the historical model names are returned, but often the new generations have nothing to do with their predecessors. This is exactly the case here, because the new Puma has transformed into a small SUV! Some people try to find some similarities between the two cars, such as the oval headlights and the curved body shapes, but these are mainly due to the stylistic concept of the models. The new Ford Puma is a very nice vehicle, drawn in a daring manner. The bold styling of the body makes it impossible to miss it on the street. The roofline slopes gently to the rear, lending the body lines dynamism and character. Additionally, due to the nice front, the car is perceived very positively.

Utility values 

SUVs are chosen by customers primarily for their utility, high driving position and overall comfort. The Ford Puma fits perfectly into these trends, and the confirmation of this thesis is the spacious and very comfortable interior. The front seats are mounted quite high, but taking a seat itself does not cause any problems, because the seat is at the same height as the thighs and buttocks of the driver. The dashboard is extensive, and its main element is the central screen of the multimedia system. Interestingly, the manufacturer also gave up analog clocks in favor of a liquid crystal screen. Two people can comfortably sit in the rear, but thanks to the flat-contoured bench, three passengers can fit in if necessary.

The most interesting, however, is in the rear part of the car, because Ford used a fantastic patent in the trunk. The trunk is divided into two parts, and under the floor there is a deep recess padded with rubber lining, at the bottom of which there is a drain plug! This is great news for all users who would like to rent a car, for example during the winter holidays. The recess will fit at least 3 pairs of ski boots and wet gloves. Once the snow has melted, just unscrew the cap and the water will drain from the vehicle itself. Seeing this patent makes you hard to believe that no one had come up with this idea before! So if you care about keeping your car clean, better book your Puma today for the upcoming ski season. Only in passing, we will add that the trunk of this SUV has a capacity of 468 liters, which means that you can allow yourself a little nonchalance when packing.

Small but crazy 

Everything has been written about Ford’s EcoBoost engines. A 1-liter, turbocharged engine develops 125 HP and this unit seems to be optimal for a small Ford. The engine maintains decent dynamics, and the torque of 170 Nm is available from 1,400 rpm. The car with a 6-speed manual gearbox accelerates to 100 km / h in 10 seconds and is able to reach a top speed of 191 km / h. This information is for customers who They are going skiing in the German Alps by car, for other users it means that even at a motorway speed of 140 km / h, the cabin will be pleasant. In rental cars, however, another aspect plays a huge role – fuel consumption. In this regard, Puma can boast excellent results, because on the road it is able to settle for up to five liters per 100 km, which, with a calm ride, will provide a range of up to 800 km on one tank. The cabin is also quite soundproofed, and the driving comfort is high. The Ford Puma shows its advantages only on winding roads. The suspension is resilient and copes well on narrow roads. There is no question of any noise coming from the pavement or bumping. It is exactly what the European driver likes, i.e. precise and predictable.

The popularity of the new Ford Puma at PANEK Rent a Car shows that the manufacturer has contributed to the project, and customers are returning this enthusiasm. The utility values ​​also speak for Ford, and a simple patent with a rubber trough for dirty and wet things in the trunk turned out to be a bull’s eye.