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Skoda Superb Kombi – a star in the rental company

We have known for a long time that Skoda is no longer associated with a cheap car from a communist country. The owner of the brand, the Volkswagen Group, also understood this and made available to the Czech Republic parts warehouses, which until a few years ago were reserved only for Volkswagen and Audi. Skoda skillfully used new opportunities and created a limousine and station wagon, which are fighting for European customers without shame. The latest copies are available at PANEK Rent a Car 

Subtle changes  

The flagship ship of the manufacturer from Mlada Boleslav has recently undergone a subtle facelift. To be honest, not much has changed from the visual side and in our opinion it is good, because the third generation Superb is a very nicely drawn car and hasn’t gotten old in the eyes of users yet. In addition, the car is very often chosen by PANEK Rent a Car as a business car, and elegance plays an important role in this category, which definitely wins over extravagance. In the cars refreshed by the manufacturer, the embossing of the bumpers has changed, the architecture of the LED headlights on the front and rear, and the SKODA lettering proudly shines on the tailgate.

President asks to the Cabinet  

The passenger compartment of the car has retained its saloon atmosphere. The interior is spacious and well finished. Skoda Superb is fighting with premium models on the market, therefore the finishing materials and plastics must be of good quality. There is so much space that some people may feel the fear of space. Especially people sitting on the back seat will feel like the president in his limousine, because here you can really straighten your legs at the knees. The cars that are offered at PANEK Rent a Car are additionally well-equipped. On board you will find, among other things: the digital instrument cluster Virtual Cockpit, the Amundsen multimedia system with satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, heated front seats, heated washer jets, the Front Assist collision avoidance system, an electric tailgate and parking sensors at the rear and front.

Simple and smart  

For several years, Skoda’s watchword has been “Simply Clever”, which can be translated as “simply wise” or “wisdom in simplicity”. It is about a number of simple amenities that seem obvious, and many cars do not have them. The superbie slogan “Simply Clever” manifests itself in huge door pockets, into which you can easily fit even 2-liter bottles with a drink, huge storage compartments, an armrest with adjustable length and height, and attention … strong hooks for hanging your purchases! When you come back with Superbem from Christmas shopping, you will never have to dig out tomatoes from the nooks and crannies. The trunk of the Skoda is also spacious, has a capacity of 660 liters, and if necessary, it can be enlarged by folding the split seat backrest. This way, a cubature is created that would not be ashamed of many a supplier. Skoda will be perfect as a holiday car and it is only up to your imagination whether you can fill it up.

Known technology  

The cars that are made available to customers of PANEK Rent a Car are equipped with well-known and much liked by users turbocharged 1.5TSI gasoline engines with a capacity of 150 HP. The “insiders” of the subject will immediately say that it is not enough for such a big car, and so on. They don’t know however, the fact that in rental cars the most important are operating costs and fuel consumption, i.e. those features that directly concern customers. Nobody wants to go on vacation and blow fuel money into the air that could be spent on other pleasures

It also turns out that the 1.5 TSI engine copes very well with the Superb and provides it not only with low fuel consumption, but also quite decent dynamics. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 9.3 seconds and can accelerate to 212 km / h. Who needs more? It is content with an average of 6.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km in the combined cycle. The secret of the Superba’s success is its high torque of 250 Nm, available between 1,500 and 3,100 rpm, and the lightning-fast 7-speed DSG gearbox. The car is flexible and accelerates well on the road. Get in and see for yourself. 

The Skoda Superb turns out to be an excellent choice for a long route and the longer it is, the more you will like this model. The car is actually designed to overcome long routes at high speeds, and on the highway it is not inferior to the comfort of “higher-rated” competitors. The cabin is well soundproofed, and the passengers’ ears are not heard of any sounds from the road and suspension. The passenger compartment is huge, the largest in the class, and that is why the Superb is eagerly chosen as a limousine. The amount of legroom in the rear is simply shocking, and the boot is so large it could have its own zip code. 

And remember that until the end of 2021, each rental with a full insurance package is promoted with a reduced deposit, which is now only PLN 99.